Saturday, July 30, 2022

Animal Crackers - We have a house guest!


This weekend we have a house guest! And we are in love! Well he is "family" so he is always welcome - but getting to stay all weekend while his "Mom & Dad" are visiting family. We are just over joyed to spend time with him.... even if he has a bit of a look that tugs at my heart completely... do you see it? 

Ammo is one of Libbie and Autie's last puppies. And Ammo... well he is a clone of his Dad Autie! Well other than being well groomed, and not as plump. I can't tell you how many times he has already been called Autie. He spent most of the day yesterday laying under my desk on my feet... just like Autie use to do. He is such a sweet boy, very well behaved and hasn't been an ounce of trouble at all. It is really amazing how much he acts and looks like Autie - but then I snapped this next  photograph and bam! I saw Chica completely! 

Sorry for the squinting it was very very bright outside - But seriously he looks so much like Chica here! LOL Now the only concern we had was how were the cats going to do around him. We had some puffed up tails and arched backs at first and everyone kept their distance. Well except Mercedes - he is in charge of inspecting anything new coming in the house and this "dog" was no different. He just sniffed,  hissed arched his back and walked away. Later he didn't care at all. The only one that has shown her ownership of the house is Porsche... she bopped him on the end of the nose (no claws involved) and told him she is is the boss. He yelped and now understands and stays away from her completely. 

After all this is a very serious face and you can tell right off she is in charge -

Beautiful though -  And really very very sweet, just not to new dogs in the house.

Now Lucy was not happy with the photo of herself last week and felt it was unflattering angle... She made a slight noise at me to say hello and pose for a prettier portrait - 

There are a couple hours each afternoon where the natural shade is in smaller areas. Oh they have covers over their huts and around the walls of their huts, but those spots under the trees next to their pen. Those are the prime spots and get claimed pretty quick. Lucy somehow lucked out and had one of those spots. It was nice and shady and a slight breeze. Happy old girl! 

Sweet Pea had the spot next to Lucy - and was very content in her spot. 


Love those crooked front teeth that always make her look like she is smiling - She is a funny lady - 

Now I have to share a new favorite I snapped when we got home one evening this last week.

Our Greeter Ted E. Bear was standing exactly where the truck is suppose to be parked. He decided he was more important than the truck and we could just pull in a different place. LOL "Dad" said no and we moved Ted over and then he got hugs and loving from both of us. He is such a special spirit and adds so much to our family!  Heck they all do don't they?

 Have a blessed weekend - and I do hope you have your Animal Crackers smile! 

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Awww how nice to have a visit from Ammo! He’s precious. Oh my gosh Teddy my fav! Yay! He has really gotten white/gray. Great pics as always and always look forward to my Saturday mornings with your fur babies. Hugs! Lori K

Carol Dee said...

Another weekend flew by without me stopping get my dose of animal cracker smiles. Glad I finally made it here. Thanks for the smiles and cute Ammo pics.