Saturday, September 17, 2022

Animal Crackers - Nothing Better than a Good Dirt Bath!

Howdy - 

Went out to take photos yesterday... Raffie was really in full enjoyment of an afternoon Dirt Bath. It must have been really good! The grunts and groans .. oh my. 

A little more over here... 

Oh and now here.... 


He really was loving it - So funny. And it does seem to really make them feel good. LOL Makes me itch all over just thinking about it.

Speaking of Feel Good - This little girl, Chica, she just loves her lounging in the sun. So beautiful. 

Such a sweetie - And another little sweetie - Miss Olive Oyl... She is so sweet.

She was standing along the fence quietly and just listening to our conversation intently. Or she was just ignoring me and thinking when will she stop talking and go back inside? 

Now this boy.. he was in trouble!

I leaned down to talk to him and take his photograph. He charged the fence and head butted! If I had been just a few inches closer... well lets just say I would have gotten a long long lecture from Hubby about being more careful and how I always get hurt. Thankfully I was just out of reach and no harm. Well other than scaring me and him getting yelled at. I know better... girls are in season so he is really on edge. Ha!

And then NOT on edge... Mercedes "Bubba" I tried to explain that this box is way too small for him. But he loves it, and so it has been laying out and neither Hubby or I have had the heart to take it away just yet from him.

Spoiled kitties - yep! Just like all the rest of our fur babies! We love them all! 

Hope you have a smile on your face again this week - They all love visiting you every Saturday. :0) 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Raffie sure des look to be enjoying his dust bath!
Silly cats, If the box fits, they sit!

Ginger Shaw said...

Just loved the pictures of Raffie rolling in the dirt. They enjoy it so much.
Yesterday whilst out for a walk along the Reserve Molly decided to do the same thing .
Unfortunately as well as grass she decided to roll in something smelly which I was not very happy about.
Loved the photo of your beautiful little girl.