Saturday, December 31, 2022

Animal Crackers - Blessed!

Howdy - 

As we close out 2022 and move on to 2023 it is always a time to look at just how blessed we are. 

Now Libbie she is feeling blessed to have received a new cushy bed for Christmas! 


We are blessed to have our little Libbie - she has been such a joy to our lives since day one! Getting old now, but still a total joy!

Another blessing is another year with our matriarch, our old lady, Darlene. She will be 31 in May and still going strong!


A little stronger and faster if her Geriatric Feed on its way to her. Man she loves that stuff! LOL She is the heart. Part of the beginning of our Donkey family - We love her so much. 

Now I couldn't go out to Darlene's pen and see her with out visiting our Old Man Black Jack. 

Now he is just a couple of years younger than Darlene, but that grey hair is showing so much more on his black. This photo is for a second reason... my friend Deana said my last photo of Black Jack made him look like he had no legs.. just a floating head. Well Deana ... he has great legs attached! And for an old man he can still chase down things he doesn't like in his pen. Just ask the neighbors dog! (dog got away with just his pride kicked! LOL) 

Heard a trickling sound while out with Black Jack and Darlene. Uh oh.. Chicken's water bowl was leaking. Looks like it had just started so good timing! Hubby out to fix it right off! 


The chickens are a blessing for us too. We have always loved having chickens, a pro for living in the country for sure having chickens. But recently WOW the price of eggs have gone nuts. So they are providing a valuable product that little white egg! 

The goats - Another blessing of joy. They are for sure some great entertainment! Crissy came to represent them all. Ok she came for some scratches between those gorgeous long horns. She loves to be scratched right on top of her head, oh and on her nose and cheeks.

Sweet girl! 

Thought I would share one more blessing. We love to buy and sell antiques. The hunt of finding awesome items is so much fun. Then to find the person that loves it just as much and wants it for their home. 

Hubby and I were at a local estate sale just before Christmas and found this fabulous concrete bunny!


He is a big bunny too! 29 inches tall or 74cm - He will be adorable in our show booth this Spring! I do have to laugh. More than once we have driven up just at dark and he kind of makes you jump. (no pun intended) Driving up and seeing a giant rabbit peeking at you.. LOL for a split second we think there is a giant rabbit in our yard. 

WE are very blessed to live where we do and have ALL of furry family. I do hope you have enjoyed visiting the past year. And I do hope you will continue to visit in 2023! 

HUGS and


Martina said...

Alle the best for you and your 4 leg friends for 2023!

Anonymous said...

Love it

Carol Dee said...

New Year's wishes and blessing sent to you and all the loveable critters there. May 2023 be Happy and healthy for all.

Ginger Shaw said...

Thank you for including us in your wonderful family.
We love all your babies.
Happy 2023