Saturday, December 17, 2022

Animal Crackers - Goodbye Lucy

Howdy - 

This week has been a blessing and sorrow. We are very sad - we have lost Miss Lucy - 

We knew it was coming at some point in the near future.  Still wasn't ready when it happened this week. The last couple of months she had gotten very frail. Hubby and I both have been very upset - She was really our first baby goat. She was part of quads that Paintbrush had just weeks after we purchased our first group of goats. And quads was a huge shock! But Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred were fun and made us fast learners for just how fast and active baby goats could be! Lucy's siblings were sold. But we had to keep Miss Lucy. She was the smallest and totally a love. She would climb up on your leg and beg to be picked up. 


So so gorgeous. She grew up to be stunning and gave us so many wonderful "kids".

Hubby has been especially sad. His special bond with Lucy and the fact that everyday for months he goes out first thing in the morning and she was his first visit. And at night before all is locked up and goes to bed he checked on her and said good night. So he really has been upset since she passed. We both loved her very much. We have lots of other goats yes, but some just don't bond like others. I know you understand. 
And her funny personality was also a big part of our love. She seemed to have a sense of humor. 

WE will always miss you Lucy - just like your Mom Paintbrush, and Dad Frankie... the start of our Goat Love. 

Now some blessing for the week - I know you probably get tired of me talking about our lack of rain. How dry we have been.. blah blah... So Until the last week we had gotten I think under 6 inches of rain ALL YEAR. That is a fraction of what we should have by now. Then rain was predicted for last Saturday night. They were saying we should get 1/2 - 1 1/2 inches from this. That would be wonderful! 

We went to bed and BAM... storm hit and it rained and rained and rained! Thunder Lightening and did I mention it RAINED??? 

Our front "Pond" has been dry for a few years now. Totally dry.... and Sunday morning when we got up -


That front pond is about 12 1/2 feet deep!! And it was totally full!  Over flowing full!!! We had over EIGHT INCHES of rain in just hours! Was such a huge blessing!! Things were already getting a little green from the smaller rains we had a couple of weeks ago - But now WOW! 

As we were heading out Sunday morning "Dad" went out into the Guys pen - Now I didn't even take that chance as the mud was unbelievable! But he wanted to check on the cracks in the ground and see how they looked after the rain. 

The boys... didn't care about the cracks... just wanted his total attention and see if there were any treats in those pockets!

It was very fun to watch the four guys totally pushing and shoving on Hubby - Now those cracks.. he couldn't tell anything - as they were totally full of water, like little tiny rivers in the pen. There are tiny rivers everywhere as a matter of fact. Our dirt road - or excuse me our Mud road has its own river now too. It is such a huge blessing to see all our neighbors and farms around us as well, their ponds that were dried up and gone are now full - Hope they all stay full for a while - 

Now to try and get in the Christmas Spirit and accept that it is actually only a week away! Yikes! Hope you are all not as far behind as me! 

Have a very blessed weekend - HUGS and


Lorna said...

Oh Michelle, we’re so sorry to hear about Lucy. We all know how painful it is to lose a fur baby. Sending you and Craig big hugs ❤️.
Great to hear about the rain, hope we got some too!

Carol Dee said...

So sorry to hear about Lucy.
AWESOME rain, it is good to have water in the pond.

Ginger Shaw said...

So sorry you lost Lucy. No matter how long we have them it is never long enough.
They take a part of your heart with them.
So glad you have got the rain.
I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.