Saturday, December 24, 2022

Animal Crackers - Merry Christmas!

Howdy - And Merry Christmas! 

This week has been eventful! The big freeze - water pipes - Animals and of course getting ready for Christmas! As always I like to share our Christmas card of the year  with all of you - 


As always try and get as many as we can on the card! LOL 

Now earlier in the week Hubby was bringing in round bales to make sure everyone had plenty to eat once the cold arctic air blew in on Thursday - Us Texans just ain't use to that sort of thing ya know! Well we had the other issue of the more than 8 inches of rain the week before - so things were pretty muddy still. But he got in the round bales for them! Yeah! 

Now I went in and opened up the front gate to let him drive in with the trailer - They guys were more than ready for theirs! I had to convince them to stay back and not charge the truck! LOL Smart Diego and Miguel though they just waited back by the "spot" it was to be dropped!

Once "Dad" was in though it was very hungry boys that wanted to much before it was unloaded. They do make it fun for Hubby to get it unloaded ... LOL Well at least I was entertained watching! Hubby no so much!

On Thursday that front blew in with some gusto! Man was over 60 degrees in an hour we were near freezing! Then it hit 16 during the night.... and that was a big problem. First time ever the pipes into our house froze! Brrrr... But Hubby saved us and sat out in the frigid cold and warmed the pipes up and got our water going again. 

Not many realize that even in freezing cold the animals have to keep drinking a certain amount of water to stay warm and digest their hay. So keeping things going and hauling water buckets is a brave job that Hubby always does to keep everyone healthy. 

Inside heat is on, but to help out I have a electric heater in my office. As you can tell Ferrari really does enjoy napping just in front of it. Please excuse all the cat hair on that chair - LOL

That warm red glow has them fighting over the spot in the chair with prime heat!

Wanted to share our kitty Christmas treat photos too ... LOL A dear sweet friend sent the kitties an advent calendar - 


It has been fun with them and the little treats. Momma Cat is the one to the right, she is still just a tad cautious at times. 

Funny they don't all like the treats, but love coming in and playing with them! Ha !

Bubba was guarding to make sure he got his!

Just love our fur babies - they are entertaining for sure !

I do hope you have your Animal Crackers Smile this week - and from all of us here wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to a New Animal Crackers Year!

HUGS and -


okienurse said...

Merry Christmas Michelle and family. I love reading your blog posts and seeing pictures of the critters. I am so glad that Momma cat and babies are getting along. The cold snap was horrid here in OK too but not nearly as bad as some family up north. Hope tomorrow is a fun day. Hope babies like turkey!

Soaring Eagle said...

Merry Christmas to you and hubby. Love your articles and pictures every Saturday. I live in Wisconsin and our temperature is -6 without the wind chill, and the wind is 40 to 50 miles per hour. No one even wants to go outside. Hope you have a fabulous 2023.

Marie Louise

Carol Dee said...

In all the weather excitement here and then Christmas, I forgot to check in with you on Sat. Hope you all have the=awed out now. We were so cold too. Negative day time temps. Blizzard conditions. Happy it did not come with a lot of snow. Hape your Christmas was Merry and 2023 will be a wonderful year for you , Hubby and all the sweet critters.

justin said...

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Ginger Shaw said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and then everything goes well for you in the New Year.
I love to read all the adventures of your babies.
Thank you for letting us join in their high jinks.
Love from Kangaroo Land

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