Friday, March 7, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Well how exciting it that! I have been tagged by a fellow crafting blogger! Keri over at A Country Life tagged my blog this morning. She has a wonderful site, I love the creativity, but I also love all of the beautiful country photographs! And you can get lost by linking from her site to Buzz and Bloom, where she is on the design team. (No really I was there forever!) For those that don't know what tagging is, basically it is highlighting a certain number of blogs, while answering the same number of questions. Different tags ask different questions. I have loved reading tags by some of my favorite super star bloggers, and now just over a week into my blog I have been tagged! So I will try and do a good job.

Here are the rules: (They are simple):
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their site..

Ok, now to my non-important things about me:

1- I adore antiques and love collecting lots of different things. Mostly 1800's yellowware, 1940's kitchen tins, and cut glass. There are many many more collections, and all collect dust as I am always spending time with my paper crafts or on the computer looking at others!

2- I am a General Hospital junkie. I know "A Soap!". I use to watch with my grandmother (who I miss dearly) it was her favorite soap, and she got me hooked as a kid, I watched on and off for years, then after I went to work I just stopped. Didn't see it for probably 10 years or more. Then we moved to the country and somehow I stumbled across it one afternoon. Now I have just become obsessed. If I miss it a 2pm, I catch it on soap net.

3- My husband I collect bug photos. Yep BUGS.. he loves different bugs. I think it has something to do with the plant nursery we own, he loves seeing new kinds of bugs. I don't particularly like the bugs. But love photographing them. The more detail I can get the better! I have taken some really cool photos of bee's, odd beetles and spiders. Even some pretty cool photos of Black Widows and ohhh you should see the one of the scorpion with the hundreds of new born babies on her back! (hope you still like me... remember I like photographs.... NOT THE BUGS!)

4- I don't like dresses and pantyhose. I am a jeans kind of girl. Even when I "worked" out in the real world I hated dresses. I wore them, just cuz I had to for the job I had. But the last day I worked... was the last time I wore a dress. I am the most happy in my favorite jeans, my Crocs, and a donkey decorated t-shirt. Why - I don't know why, I guess one could be I just don't feel I look right, mental picture here watch out. I am on the shorter side and what some would call "large". I just say fat. It is ok for me to say that.. as it is what I am and I am A-OK with it. Dresses just don't look right, I think I look square in a dress. Wide as Tall. We won't even go to the pantyhose at this point the "friction" while walking is all you need to know. The other reason is it just really doesn't fit my life. I am a county girl, we have lived out here over 5 years now and I wish it had been sooner. It doesn't worry me when a donkey wipes his dirty face and body against my jeans... they are jeans they wash well and I love them.

5- I am a mess. I don't like to clean, do what I have to just to get by. My husband and I as stated above collect a lot, but we are also pack rats. We keep more "junk" than we should. That in a small house makes it hard to have things shiny clean. I don't mind laundry, I don't really even mind dishes. But dusting and vacuuming are just the worst. So if you ever visit... please don't write in the dust.

6- My favorite movie is Tremors.. 1, 2, 3, 4 and the TV series. Now is that as bad as being a "Trekkie" I don't think so, is it? I have seen them hundreds of times. My favorite is the first. Would you like me to quote it for you.... no really I can quote the whole move for you. It has to be Kevin Bacon. My husbands is 2. But we love them all. I ordered the TV series on DVD off of ebay. We love it too. 13 episodes of fun and laughter. But as we sat down to enjoy them we watched 1-6 and went to put the 2nd DVD in and it wasn't what it was suppose to be. Seller was gone... so I am now looking for a new set.

Ok now if I haven't scared you off.. I will tag my 6 blogs for you to visit!

1- Laura at Wish you Were Here I came across her blog after seeing a card she made for My Favorite Things. She is really talented. I have book marked her site and love how different all of her cards are, and all the details she puts on each one!

2- Suzy at Papermonkey I don't think I can even tell you how I found her blog. I have been reading it EVERY morning for months now. I just love it! She is just so inspiring! Her work is fun and vibrant and she gives some great tutorials. She thinks of things I would have never thought of and then I run and try them! I love the cotton ball used for the sheep!!!!!

3- Michelle at Twisted Chick Creations She does some beautiful work! I just love the layers and layers on her cards. I have been reading her blog awhile now and her cards are pure beauty. They are so elegant, and just fit perfect. I have a hard time with that and wish I could have mine come out 1/2 as pretty as she does. Love her!

4- Anna at Sassy and Sweet She is one I make sure to check on every day! Her cards just make me smile. I love the stamps she chooses, I love the colors she uses and just think she is fabulous! I really thing she would be fun to hang with!

5- Claudia at Pretty Pressings I found Claudia thru the Magnolia Stamps Blog. Her work is amazing. She does fabulous coloring and I love her work with "my favorite" little angel stamps!!! Her blog title also is one reason I check in often... the artwork is always great and I love to see what she changes it to each season! Really if you love Magnolias... you must RUN to her blog!!

6- Godelieve at Stamping Mathilda This woman is a true artist! I have been stalking her blog for a long long time. Her work amazes me, she uses products like I wish I could. And I love that she always shares how to use them. Not that mine would ever turn out as beautiful as hers! Take a trip over to Belium and make sure to see the masterpieces she creates!

Well that is only 6 of the Blogs I check on regularly... I hope you like them as much as I do. They are all different, but all GREAT!


SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

Thanks HEAPS for the tag! How nice of you!! We are a lot a like ... I'm a farm girl too. JEANS, not dresses. If I must dress up, I'll tolerate a skirt before slacks, though! But if I can wear jeans and get a way with it, I will. Aren't donkey boogars FUN!! =) Thanks again for the kind words! Cheers to you! -Anna.

Maureen said...

wow - you sure do find out a lot of interesting things about people! I love dresses but hate hose - so I tend to only wear dresses in the summer so I can go "hoseless" LOL...

Claudia said...

yeaaah.. i can only agree with what anna said :-) how funny.
nice to read something about you. ohhh.. this is going to be hard for me. i tell ya i really avoid writing too much in english cause it will get horrible :-)

i will try my best..
i linked your blog on mine too.

Laura said...

Hi Michelle, thanks so much for the tag and your very sweet comments. I want to see some of your bug photos! I will be playing in a couple of hours...have to get some chores done...I am so with you on the whole dusting and vacuuming thing but I live with a giant type A personality who can't stand the I dust and vacuum as long as he supports my card making addiction...humhum hobby! Have a wonderful day!

Godelieve said...

Thanks Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Michelle,

I loved reading all the cool things about you. And I promise if I manage to get up your way, I will NOT write in the dust. Too Funny!!! I hate to clean too, especially vacuum and clean the bathrooms!! And I guess I'm not much on dusting either.

-Amyre :-)