Monday, March 31, 2008

Rebecca is the coolest!

Oh my!!! I have this amazing buddy Rebecca... Her talent is just jaw dropping. I love her blog... to see her work. But I will admit I enjoy her stories even more. She has this ability to tell a story that just blows me away, she is hysterical! Well this past week she told this amazing story about her and her mother doing a craft together, with the feeling that they were basically saving the world by getting a deadline done on time. Well in the comments I told her I loved the story and I wish she could make scooping the barn out more exciting like her stories and I would get away from the computer and go do my chores. Well guess what.... she wrote me a story!!!! I am so excited! My sides hurt from laughing as I was reading it, and hubby couldn't believe it either. He laughed and then said maybe it was good we weren't closer in distance because we probably could get in a lot of trouble together cuz she sounds just crazy! Yep ... my kind of friend! If you would like to read my story... visit Rebecca's blog - Vintage Girl, Modern World!

Thanks Rebecca ! I love ya!

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Anonymous said...

That was great...I'm still laughing..Rebecca is very talented..Patti Smith