Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lets Review the Babies of 2008!

I didn't get out to take Donkey photos this morning. I am just a bit under the weather. So I got to thinking... it is the first Saturday Donkey Day of the New Year, lets look back at all the Baby Blessings of 2008! This was our first real big baby year here, we were very blessed!

Our first Baby of the Year the first part of April, is Rosie. She is my Girl. Poor thing has been sickly her entire life. She started out that way, she wasn't getting enough milk from her Mom the first few days. But then Lacey got the hang of things and did a much better job. Then she got some type of worm, that has effected her. It comes and goes, and today is one of those sick days for her. I feel so bad for her, once we get a dose of meds in her she bounces back. I just wish we could kick it all together. She is such a pretty girl.

Two days later we lost Vicky's baby. We don't know what the problem was, but we were lucky that it didn't damage Vicky and she is now again VERY pregnant. You can guarantee that with this birth I will probably sleep in the barn with her when things get close for her.

Then just a week later Macey went into labor and Angelina was born. "Lina" is a carbon copy of her Momma. From her beautiful eyes to her size and tummy. Macey is like me short and wide... A big boned girl we will say. Lina is just like her. You can tell out in the pasture which one is her... short and wide. She is a pretty little girl. Daddy tells her to not tell anyone but she is his favorite.

Lola came three weeks later, in May. Cheyenne's daughter. And again she is a exact copy of her Mom. Tall, skinnier, dark nose, long ears. She is pushy friendly and one of the first to greet you in the pen. Once there no one else is going to come between you and her. Daddy thought it was cute as a baby to let her raise up on him and they danced.... not so funny now as she has knocked him over more than once. We have now taught her this is a no no. Lola and Lina are NEVER apart, they are great 1/2 sisters.

The end of July we had our very first Spot Baby. Patti gave birth to Irene. She is one funny girl. She is a lot like her Mom in size and shape, but not in personality. Patti is calm and sweet and very gentle. Irene is super friendly, pushy, and got the nick name "Shark" real fast. It has been almost impossible to teach her to not bite. She doesn't usually hurt, most of the time it is clothing she bites and pulls, but once in a while she gets "meat". She is buddies with Rosie. And Rosie is a calm, laid back Donkey... some of it is rubbing off on Irene, I have seen a big difference in her the last month.

Little bitty Gloria, Jazz's second baby for us, was born July 31st.. just 4 days after Irene. She stole the heart of many of you. She is our first "black" donkey, and is really small. She is a sweet natured donkey and loved attention. She is ready to be weaned and will be put in the youth pen this week. She has gotten the nick name Orangutan... as she has lots of long furry hair except on her face. And yes she looks like and Orangutan. She is just adorable.

We had a wait for our next baby. Fernando came the first part of November. We had more stress and trauma with him than with any baby in a long time. Mom really had a tough birth, was in full labor, then stopped it due to a wild cow running through our property, then went into birth the next night, was a long panic birth, once he was born she would have nothing to do with him and kicked and ran from him. Finally after some time and tying Mom up they bonded and she has become a wonderful Momma. Fernando is my Zonkey... I just love all of his stripes. But the name Fernando is just way to formal for this hysterical little guy. "Freddie" is perfect. He is really a super friendly guy and loved to go under you, yes between your legs and as he is growing and I am so short this is not so funny, I have nearly fallen on my rear end more than once.

Then on Thanksgiving Darlene gave us one Turkey Dinner... "Pavo" yes that in Spanish translate to Turkey Dinner. LOL he is a timid quiet shy guy. That is just beautiful with his dark nose. He is just now getting to where he will leave Mom's side and come for hugs and petting. It is funny to watch him in the pen. The only other "young" donkey in that pen is Gloria right now. She has been very use to being the baby, the fastest. Since Pavo has gotten a bit braver, he has been running more freely and trying to get Gloria to play with him. She does but gets frustrated that she can't turn on a dime like he does, and just can't whip in and out of the bales like him. It is really funny to watch. Then he will get a snort from Mom and she freezes, and stops everything and goes right back to Mom's side. He is a very well behaved boy and does exactly what Mom tells him.

We honestly thought that Pavo was it for the year. But Jolene decided she wanted to surprise us. On December 6th with out any signs or warning she gave birth to Josephine "Josie". We did not think that she was due to give birth until the end of January or well into February. But guess we were wrong huh? Josie is sooooo tiny, even now she is still smaller than most new born babies we have had. I question whether she was a bit pre-mature and really should have not been born till later. I was so excited this last week as Josie as I was coming out the back door to feed welcomed me with her first real Hee Haw... very high pitched and was 5 or 6 hee's and haws. Simply adorable. We should have released her and Jolene into the main pasture by now, but I have been putting it off, she is just so small. We decided to wait at least through this next cold front to make sure they had their own barn... then I will see if I am brave enough to let her loose.

Blessed or what? I have felt so lucky to have all of these babies, and before them I loved going out and loving on all of my Donkeys, but now it is even more of a pleasure. Fun, with more laughing. Next year should be in the business since "profitable" as well. But we will have to sell some to make it so. We will keep many of these, as we are trying to increase our heard size, and well we are just really attached at this point. Sadly all the boys will have to go - no questions asked. Just can't keep them at all.

If you would like more donkey photos to "review" or would like to see any of these babies through the year and how they have grown up, just click the Donkey label on my side bar.

Ok I know this was really long today - I actually had a card to show too, but I will hold it for another day. But I do have one more Donkey to show you. I, despite being sick today, have been so excited about this new Donkey!!!!!!! Have you seen the new releases from Whiff of Joy????

I knew this was coming but seeing it on the web site and seeing what Katharina named her.... I have been over joyed and like a little kid giggling about it!!!!

This is "Michelle Celebrating Donkey" ... yes you read that right! Katharina thank you so much!!! It means so much to me that you not only included a Donkey in your new Animal collection but when I saw you named it after me... well... I just really wish I could HUG YOU!!!! Thanks so much!
If you haven't seen the new collection ... you must run and take a look they are all Adorable and so fun. But I will say the Donkey is the best and my favorite! HA LOL!
Well I will stop now. This has been long enough! Thanks so much for following the Donkey Day Saturday post, they have meant so much to me that you all enjoy them so much - my Donkeys are such a huge part of me. And I love sharing them will all of you!
HUGS and-


Rach said...

A beautiful post Michelle been a pleasure reading all about your many babies,.so so adorable..
all the best for 2009.
oh and the woj donkey is so so cute, already got my order in...:)
hugs to you, Rachxx

Suzanne said...

Oh Michelle I remember each one like it was my own!! here's to another year of lots of fun baby's and donkey posts. Saturdays will never be the same again just wish we could meet you all in the fleash. Happy Healthy 2009 to you and all your family. Sue :o)

christina d said...

Oh they are all adorable. Can't wait to watch them grow. The new donkey stamp is adorable. On my way to check it out. Blessings for the New Year to you and yours.

Loreen said...

My daughter and I adore looking at the pictures of your donkeys =) My little girl even knows the names of your sweet babies! Thank you for all of your inspiration.

Jilli said...

Awww I loved looking at all your babies from the last year. Donkey Saturday is something I look forward too each week. Donkey's are one of my favourite animals I think they look so cute and you are sooooo lucky to have so many ... i can only dream! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it all! Jillix

catt871 said...

Your babies are the cutest things going!!!! I love Lina's fuzzy!!!!

Congrats on the donkey stamp - too cute!! What an honour!!!!

Annie said...

Hi Michelle, sorry to hear you are not feeling at your best just now and hope you will bounce back soon. I loved seeing all your fur babies, wow what a year you have had! of course, Gloria is still my favourite! hugs, annie x

Heidi said...

Oh Michelle, my hubby is painting and I yelled, "It is Donkey Saturday!" up to him and my oldest asked, "who named it Donkey Saturday?" and I told him you did. So we had to come and see the post and these little babies for 2008 are truly sweet. I have not been viewing your blog this long so I missed out on some of those sweeties! I still have a heart for Freddie but you truly are blessed with all those sweeties. In person I would probably take a liking for Rosie but Lina is just so darned cute- oh forget it, I would be out in the pasture all the time!

Fink said...

They are all so cute! My girls love looking at all the donkeys!

ribenaruby said...

New Year wishes to you and hope you bounce back to normal health soon! Always love the donkey posts as well as your creations. Freddie is my fave because of his stripes. Have a good day.

NanaBeth said...

I love them-but than you know that. I hope when you design more stamps-you will do a donkey collection.

Kelly L aka Littlekel90 said...

What a wonderful "babies in review" I will have to copy your idea on my parents' farm blog (crias in review for the alpaca fans). They are all so sweet! Congrats on increasing your herd of little lovelies and here's to an even better 2009!! :) Kelly

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of all your gorgeous donkeys Michelle...and how nice to have a stamp named after you...well done! Hope you feel better soon.
Carole x

LaVerne said...

One of my all time favorite posts...your babies are just so beautiful and I'm sure you will find perfect new homes for the boys...buyers will probably have to have references and letters of recommendation to even think of buying one of your "children". Happy New Year...your really were blessed in 2008.

Tina said...

Michelle thank you so much for the most pleasurable post i've ever read, even hubby came over to my screams of awwwwwwww they are all so adorable, and i can see why you get so attached, it's a good job i live across the pond, i'd be adopting every single one you had for sale.... personally Freddie for me is the most Gorgeous donkey i have ever set my eyes on...hehehe he is a little darling..... i am sorry you lost Vicky's baby but will pray for every success with her new baby... wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2009.... Tina xx

Sally said...

Enjoyed your post every sentence of it. Also loved viewing all the babies of the year. They are truly adorable. That little WOJ donkey will no doubted become your favorite. I know it must be so difficult for you to decide which of the donkeys have to go. I would get so attached to them I doubt if I could, even if I knew I would have too. Someone would have to tie me to a post when they came to take them away. LOL

Cynde said...

Michelle your year in "Baby Review" was wonderful to read. I love seeing all the pictures of moms and babies. I was lucky enough to have my daughter and her husband her for the weekend and they heard me in my "room" ooohing and aweing and asked what it was, they both couldn't believe how darling your babies are. They want to start a Cutie Collection too!! My daughter and I both decided we think they are just too cute for words. I do so hope that Vickys baby is Fat, Sassy and above all else Healthy this time. I know you and your Husband are such a good Mom and Dad, you'll have another Lovely group of Babies this year too!
Thanks for sharing......

Bev said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this Michelle, thank you so much for allowing us in to your window of the world

hugs Bev x

Heidi said...

Oh this was so wonderful to read. Love to hear about this beautiful animals. They are so cute and I just want to hug them all. Thank you for the comment in my blog and sorry my friend but your christmas card has not arrived!!! Did you get mine? I sent you one in good time before christmas. There is some cards that have not arrived and I dont know why? Hope it will show up!
Have a great sunday my friend

Hugs from

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

So many gorgeous babies and loved the photographs Michelle. You must be so happy to have a stamped named after you too! Hope your feeling better soon, Big Hugs, Nikki x

Kirsten said...

What a wonderful post Michelle! I've just shown my mom the pics of your adorable babies & we've oohed & aahed at every one. Hope you are feeling better & I wish you, your hubby & all your donkey babies a very happy 2009.

dawnmarieg said...

Its been an absoulute joy reading your Donkey Saturday review. Love it, and how fab is it that you have your own stamp named after you. Best wishes for 2009 Michelle. DawnM.x

anja said...

how adorable a donkey can be.i loved your post on all the babies,wunderfull to have so much fun in those From holland

papersunshine said...

This was a great idea to show all the babies! What a wonderful, gorgeous and sweet group of donkeys (oh and zonkey!) Congratulations on a successful year, success on finding good homes for those you have to part with and good health for all (including your sweet doggie)! Happy New Year!

Lana said...


Dawn said...

What a absolutely wonderful post and so heart warming - I just love animals and you are so blessed to have such wonderful animals on your doorstep - siiigh!!
I have added you to my following list - (thought I had already) so I can keep up with all the furry darlings and your cards of course!