Saturday, October 8, 2011

Animal Crackers - Babies are so cute!

I just adore all types of babies... we all do... but come on is there anything cuter than this?
This is Sonia... She really unbelievable. Gorgeous and super friendly. I just melt in those beautiful eyes -
This is Ramon. The Man... LOL He is going to make someone a wonderful stud jack one day. Hubby was telling him the other night that maybe we would keep him for the day we retire his Dad Black Jack..... Uh.. no we can't do that... He tells all the good looking boys that though.

And then there is the newest baby... Jose! Ok... now this guy I am secretly thinking we may save for a future stud Jack! LOL I can not even explain how totally gorgeous he is. One he is small, that is number one in a good stud. And two he has a solid black face, a really desirable look. And three his fur... The only way I can describe it is solid black with a shadow of silver. I have tried to capture it by camera and I just am not doing it justice. The silver is primarily on his legs, and chest... he has a bit on his rear end and tail as well. It is just totally gorgeous! 

I have been asked how we tell the three babies apart... well... they are each totally different. :0) Sonia is short and has more of a red cast to her. Ramon is the tallest, and is a darker in color than Sonia. Jose he has the black face, and is the skinniest (at this point, he will fill in as he ages) I know I said something about trying to capture the three playing together... but it really hasn't happened yet -

Here Ramon was trying to play with Jose and Jose was just starting to play back... and then here comes MOM!!!! Look at that fast pace... those ears back... that stern look! Get away from my Son!!!!  She is starting to let him away more, but she is a very protective Mom.... LOL

Ok the Babies are cute, but so are my full grown children! Here is Josephina "Josie" and Gloria enjoying the shade of a tree. They are so sweet.  We added Gloria to our for sale page... but it is going to have to be a special person that I check out well! HA.. I do that with everyone that buys one our donkeys! ;0)
How is this for a LAZY afternoon photo? Seriously... they were all passed out! Love Jill on the far left totally laying across her son Louie...

I am so thrilled with our "future" stud buck. He is still pretty young - but man I am loving his coloring and personality. Still isn't as friendly as I would like but he is getting much better. You have to remember, we took him away from his Mom and all his friends, drove him in the front of the Truck and then dumped him in a pen with totally strangers, most of which where ladies telling him that they were in charge not him. Everyone is getting along much better now - and me... I am thrilled with getting Peso!

And I wonder why my floors are full of dirt, leaves and grass all the time? These two are the bestest of playmates. They play ALL the time!~ ok, they sleep too, but then they go right back to playing. When they are wrestling like this it gets hard to tell which one is Chica and which one is Autie! LOL  (Chica is on the left here, Autie on the Right upside down)

And then there is our girl Libbie... She plays hard too... but only when she is in the mood. The rest of the day she is on watch!! When outside she runs from fence to fence and checks on all of HER Donkeys and all of HER Goats - She is in control of everything that goes on - The other animals, the cat, the insects, the squirrels and even the wind. She barks to give her instructions and tell everyone what they are suppose to be doing. My little leader... Libbie...  LOL

Ok.. first I have to send out there a Happy Birthday to my Dad... he would have been 65 today. It is hard to believe it has been 11 years since we lost him. I miss you Dad... Happy Birthday.

Well.. busy day today... my best buddy Tracey's daughters wedding is this evening. I am sure it will be beautiful -

Have a great Saturday! Thanks for visiting me and my Animal Crackers :0)


Marie said...

Such stunning photos. Fantastic ones this week.

LorraineB said...

They are all so beautiful. Can a donkey be elegant? Jose is elegant. Such rich color. How the heck do you part with any of them? Must be hard to do.

Carol Dee said...

Great pics. Love Jose, too. And those lazy goats, makes me want to go nap! Have a woderful time at the wedding.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wonderful photos! And yes, all the babies are gorgeous, but there is something special about Jose, he's definitely a looker. BTW, how is Gabrielle doing?

Helen said...

Oh my are these babies cute; I think I like Jose the most; he is really gorgeous. The picture does him well, although I believe he is even more handsome in real. Love to see all the others as well. Libbie is a lot like my oldest bitch, wants to be in charge of everything and everyone and barking if they don't listen. Have a nice evening at the wedding. Hugs

NanaBeth said...

They are all so good looking and the goats made me laugh out loud.I have 2 pit blends and a mini-doxie.Just like Libbie she rules the roost.It is hilarious to see the other 2(79lbs and 100lbs) back up from our Miss Priss who weighs in at 14lbs.
My dad has been gone for 44 years and I still miss him.

Rufus said...

Jose is adorable!! All of them are cute, but he's just extra sweet. Love the goats all passed out, all that climbing is hard work! Chica and Autey remind me of my folks dog and her BFF, they rolled, wrestled, chased and then collapsed, just to start over again! Great pictures. Hope you had fun at the wedding. Happy Birthday to your reason you can't send him Birthday wishes!

Heidi said...

Michelle- Jose is absolutely stunning. I love how his fur is soooo black and very definate lines.
My father has been gone 11 years now- he left us just days before his birthday so i always wish him BD still.