Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Me and My Space - More Peeking in my Drawers and a Candy Winner :0)

Hi - Did you think I had fallen off the the earth again? Sorry - was a tough couple of days, allergies, headache, and then yesterday I had my first big eye exam since I finished up with my accident last year. I can report for that - everything is good. My "good" eye - I say that loosely cuz I am blind as a bat without my glasses, but she said everything was healthy and my injured eye seems to have healed well and adjusted well. Now I have an appointment in a month to see the Dr. that made my prosthetic eye and check on it and polish it. Yes... I have to have it polished once a year - Make sure I have that sparkle in my eye :0) Anywho... I have been wiped out and worn out. Having trouble even crafting the past week.

So for today I though I would show you the other three Canvas Dotted Shelf Baskets... I showed the first three last week - This is the three furthest away from my desk.

Top Drawer - 
 We will call this my hmmmm..... To alter drawer? To Decorate drawer? I don't know what to call it! But it has many of the smaller things I have in my stash to decorate and or alter in future projects. Blank Calendars, photo books, ornaments, Coasters, Jumbo paper clips, Canvas, and notebooks. Lots and Lots of little goodies to play with!!

Middle Drawer -
 Simply put.. Envelopes - yep... all sizes shapes and colors. Boring, but very necessary as a card maker ;0)

Bottom Drawer -
 Oops... Autie wanted to see in this drawer too... sorry :0)

Lets try again -
This is what I am calling my overflow and not used much drawer. I have a pile of mulberry roses that wouldn't fit in my main flower drawer. As I use them up these will go and fill in. The white Baby wipe box has little inks, pens and markers in it. The clear divided box has beads. And then in the front I have a couple of Fiskars tools for working with silk flowers.

Yep... overflow and not used much. Why here right next to my desk? I am hoping later to clean out a shelf across the room and move things there. But for now it is at least all sorted here.

Now I have been just giggling with excitement over this.... 

I was trying to come up with a way to label my canvas drawers that are my daily used items on my desk. ( I have showed them on a past Me and My Space Post ) NOW...  HOW CUTE DID THESE TURN OUT??!!  I used my Nesties Fancy tag, cut out blue card stock, typed out my labels... Bling, Ink Pads, Glues and Tapes... etc...  glued them onto the tags, then used mini brads and poked straight into the canvas and attached them! Totally makes me smile and look up and see them! I am working on labels for all the drawers all around me now!

Alright I'll settle down now and do the winner for last weeks stamps -

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2011-10-05 00:19:17 UTC

Winner is:
Karen McAlpine said...I like your idea of the "working drawer". I use a file box type thing for this. But, it was over flowing. I did clean it out and refiled some of the things elsewhere. I keep several folders full of stamped images for quick cards. The blog candy stamps look scrumptious. I would love to give them a new home. Great job cleaning! Have a great day!!

Karen - email me (  your mailing address and I'll get these out to you ASAP!

Alright I am off now - lots to catch up on and I think Hubby and I are going to run a few errands first and then come home to chores.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
HUGS and


Helen said...

Hi Michelle, I have a complete cupboard like that, which need to be cleaned/sorted out soon. Love what you did with the tags. Glad to hear your eye examination went well. Regards.

Maryann said...

So glad to hear, your eyeinspection went to well and all is fine.
I just love, what you´ve done with the tags, and that´s definately an idea, I´ll have to adopt here too, thanks sooo much for that hun.
Congratulations to Karen with the winning, and I´m sure, you´ll have so much fun with these awesome stamps hun. Have a great day everyone.

Dee in N.H. said...

Great to hear the DR. appt. went well! I just love the way you used that die to make drawer markers!

Carol Dee said...

You have a mighty cute helper there :) Love the new labels on the drawers. Cool Idea. Hugs...

Jingle said...

You have some fun stuff tucked away in those drawers!

Karen McAlpine said...

Hey, Michelle. Sorry you have not been feeling good! Sending virtual chicken soup..... Thanks for picking my for the candy drawing!! I will take good care of the stamps. They will be great for making children's cards for Operation Write Home. I am emailing now. Glad your eye exam went well.

Rufus said...

As glad that everything went so well at the eye doc's! Great idea with the labels of the canvas containers!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

So glad your eye exam went well. That is fabulous! Love the organization and it keeps me inspired to keep whittling at mine. Congrat's to Karen on winning! I finally posted my Thank You to you for winning the last blog candy.....And wanted to let you know I loved the card you send with them. thank you so very much!