Saturday, October 1, 2011

Animal Crackers - Baby Jose and a few photos from our Day

I am so sorry I am late this Saturday... we got home last night from our day of Antiquing at the show and honestly, I could not function to edit photos or type. I got up at 3:45 am and then all the million of miles of walking I was done for the day. :0)  Our day trip was wonderful, we saw LOTS and LOTS of wonderful things. Didn't bring home much, but most of my wants were pretty large and I have no space, and that was good for the wallet too... cuz OUCH prices were high on the things I fell in love with! LOL as usual.....

First up thought I have to show you baby photos right! Baby Jose is just a doll. He is so loving already, well when his Mom will allow it that is. She is a super protective Mom, and unless you force her to let you have some time with the baby she is constantly herding him off so NO one can have access to him. She especially is making sure he isn't spending time with those rowdy children Ramon and Sonia! Just unruly! I give her a week... then the three kids will be totally out of control and she will decide that letting him play with the other two gives her a bit of free time.
So here is our traditional "Dad" photo - Jose is really going to be a looker! His face is solid black and he has a light cross down his back. Handsome man huh? OH Hubby is a looker too :0)
What a good boy.. he stays right with Mom Jolene... now anyway... Soon he'll be one of the rowdy ones off bucking and kicking and playing out of control. But those first few days whatever Mom wants she gets!
And after a few minutes of us loving all over her boy, she was done with us. And took him off to the other end of the pen. Man they are even cute walking away aren't they?

I can't wait to get video of them all playing. I love when there are multiple babys so close in age in one pen. Too cute for words, and so I'll just have to capture it on video for you! Maybe by next week ;0)

Ok now I thought since I didn't get any other animal photos this week I would share a few from my day out with Hubby yesterday. We went to the Roundtop/Marberger Antique Show here in Texas. I believe it is one of the largest antiquing events in the country. We were up before 4 am and after all our morning animal chores were done we were on the road to make the hour and half drive to the show.

 It was a gorgeous sunrise on the road.....

I only got a few photos during the day, I kept thinking I needed to stop and take pictures, and then something would catch my eye and I would loose that thought... Ha!

One thing I just have been totally nuts over the past couple of years is these....

Post Office and Store Displays.....

If we ever rebuilt or built on another room to our house, One of these would for sure be in the plans. I just totally love them! Oh I stopped and looked at every map case and small drawer furniture there was, and there LOTS and LOTS of them. But these cases, I just adore. But you can see they are enormous so I am only dreaming here - 

Something I could find room in my house and mainly craft room for this totally amazing store display... do you know what this is for?
 It may be hard to see... I had a VERY hard time getting a photo. It was so crowded with both people and stuff I couldn't move around. Ok... so let me see if I can explain... On the smaller end here those middle doors open up and you can rotate those inside shelves. Hint here.. those inside shelves are rounded.... Then on the each of the longer sides it has those six doors that open down. And oh... the old wavy glass was just gorgeous on each panel. The doors open down on each row... to make is super easy to get......

Ribbon rolls!!! It is a store display for rolls of ribbon!!!! OH drool drool drool!!! I would toss out of my craft room in a second to have this in there!!!! But oops... the price tag. Yep... it was not cheap at all! Sigh... maybe one day I'll find one.... I hope I hope I hope!

There was only two other things I really really really really wanted to bring home - This is one of them.......
Can you totally see this in my house! Now I have showed you in the past I collect all things donkey. I have a cabinet in my living room that is full to the exploding with vintage toys, glass, porcelain and modern toys... but this oh my this would be the massive cherry topping! I must tell you it is HUGE. I think it stood 4 feet tall. It was made in the late 1800's I think it said. You would hook it up to a wooden cart, and it actually moved when pulling the cart. Hubby had to totally pull me away. I wanted it SO SO SO bad. OH wait... it was nearly $4,000 Oh yea, that was why we walked away. Isn't he great though?

The other item we walked away from I didn't get a photo of. it was a two foot tall wooden rocking donkey. Totally cute, but not in great shape and was almost $1,000. I wasn't nearly as impressed with it as the folk art donkey -

But I did come home with this :0)

 I have the bested Hubby in the world. He is a sterling silver pin!! So totally love him. And this isn't some tiny little pin. Nope he is a huge Hee Hawing 3 inches tall!  I look in all the cases, you never know what you will see packed in those case of stuff in a booth...  we went into one booth and this lady had tons and tons of sterling. I have a charm bracelet I have worn for years, and I love to look at all the vintage charms. And then there he was, sitting in this case of all kinds of animal pins.... I pointed to him and said very calmly... "May I see this one please?" It was hard to sound calm and polite you understand. Hubby was already deep into the booth and turned to see what I was having them pull out. As soon as he made it back my way it was already in my hands, and I think he knew I really didn't want to let it go. He looked at the lady and said... "I think we have to have that"  I just love him.   OH but he wouldn't buy me that $4,000 dollar donkey...... OH heck I still love him!   I wore this guy all day and had lots of comments about how cute he was.

As we walked the million miles - yep... my legs will confirm it was a million miles of hard walking! I saw lots of pretty things. I really was trying to find some goodies to use in crafting. You know the vintage stuff that is so wonderful to use? But honestly... didn't see much that jumped at me, and when I did see something the prices were just too insane. But it was a wonderful day, and we totally enjoyed all of it. We stopped for dinner on the way home, and got home just as it was getting dark.

Thanks for letting me show off a bit of our day... instead of normal animal crackers posting. Back to regular schedule next week ;0)

Have a wonderful Saturday!
HUGS and


Helen said...

Just popped in, so I didn't notice you were late today. Baby Jose is adorable. Love those pictures. So glad you enjoyed your day. These cupboards are really awesome; but I have the same problem (no space). Your donkey pin is adorable. Have a great weekend; I know we will - we have BBQ tonight outside; I know it is October 1 but we have finally our summer here (it is the hottest one since 1800.... something - we have about 26 degrees Celsius) Hugs from Holland.

LorraineB said...

Jose and mom are too cute for words. I'm looking foward to the video of the kids getting crazy. I just love watching them. Too bad the prices of the stuff you posted were so high. Really beautiful stuff and hard to resist.

Carol Dee said...

I have said it before, will say it again. That DH of yours is truely a KEEPER :) The pin is precious. And if I had a few thousand in spare change I would buy that vintage donkey for you... It would be perfect with your collection.
Great pics of baby Jose. Can't wait to see them all frolicing. Enjoy the weekend, hugs...

Rufus said...

So glad to get the "official" Dad and baby picture. You're right they are both handsome! I'd have to say that your DH is a keeper, even if he wouldn't buy you the 4,000 $ folk donkey, LOL! Actually I like your pin better! What a fun day you had. We used to go to the huge one in Brimfield, Mass. Probably why I've got a house full of stuff, and can't go near those shows anymore! lol

Shelly said...

What a marvelous way to spend a day with your sweetheart! You have such a sweet hubby just like I do. We're very blessed.

Jose is indeed one very handsome boy. I can't wait to see the video of the little ones getting rowdy together. :)