Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dust it off Sunday - nothing new I can show :0(

How is this for a post... I have nothing I can show you. Oh I have something I made to show you today, but it is a gift for someone, and I didn't get it to them like I had planned. And it probably wouldn't be nice to show it off here before they get to see it right?

So here I sit .... With nada to post. And I really wanted to not miss posting. Especially since I may have figured out my posting on my iPad... I got an app called BlogPress... It may solve my issues. I sat and researched it yesterday while waiting for the refrigerator repair man. My crusher for my much loved crushed ice.... It stopped working a while back, and I was really missing my "Dairy Queen" like crushed ice....wait many may not know what that is. Fast food place that most know for their ice creams. Me nope - it is their wonderful crushed ice with a yummy fountain coke. Ok diet coke is better with the full sugar coke though. Would rather have that instead of the ice cream! Anyway back to my broken crusher. It went out a while back and planning a day ahead of time to sit and wait for the repair man just wasn't easy.

That was until they called last week and said my warranty was running out. Ha! So I sat here all morning yesterday for my 8am- 12pm appointment.... At 11:45am, he was here. Looked at it and said.... Yes Mam, just as I thought we are going to have to order you a part and reschedule to put it in.... Sigh.... So today I am still having to use cubes instead of my crushed ice. I miss my crushed ice.... Which do you like? Cubes or Crushed?

To make me feel better Hubby and I spent the evening outside. Playing with LOTS of baby donkeys. That does make me happy :0) and we do have lots right now. It will be a long year next year with very few babies. We are trying to get them all moved back to spring babies, instead of summer/fall. It is an 11-12 month wait for a baby donkey. So we have our two Jacks penned up until after winter. Smart, but not fun when I am wanting to hug on a baby next year. Warning I will be whining then ok?

Well I hope you didn't mind my rambling about nothing. And thanks for visiting me even when I don't have anything to show you.... I'll try and get a few projects ahead this week.

(oops .... I have no kicking donkey on my iPad! Guess I'll figure out how to get that on my iPad while waiting for the part huh?)

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Dee in N.H. said...

Ha! Still made me smile.....Have a great sunday. PS. I like crushed ice too.

Carol Dee said...

LOL, you are fun to visit anyday! Yes, I like my ice crushed, too (As does the Grandson!) DH is always complaining that he goes to hget his ice CUBEs and it spits out crushed. HA! Hugs...

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Oh I loved my crushed ice. Especially with soda! But I only do that once in a great while. I have to have the crushed ice to drink enough water a day. My ice maker breaks down every 6 months and I agree with you, having to take a whole day to wait for repair is so hard to do. Hopefully that part will come in soon and they can scheduled that in a two hour window :)

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, always nice to visit; I know the drill, you take a day off and the guys show up at the last moment or don't even come at all. I love crushed ice, but here it is not so common to use (unless you make it yourself or buy a machine). Regards.

Rufus said...

I did that today with the phone man. No phone or internet for 3 1/2 here I sit and then the phone's the phone co. wanting to survey me on my recent interaction with customer service!!!!!! They must have managed to fix my line from the switching station, since I never saw any repair man!!! But at that point I was so happy to have it working I didn't care.