Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Me and My Space - Help me decide on my Button storage and My Vintage Bread Boxes

Hi - today I thought I would show you my button drawer box thingy - I have sort of shown it before, but well... I wanted to show it off today again.. LOL I made this a while back. Well I painted it, This was an unfinished piece I got at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off. I think I paid like $5.00 And it came with the little handles! It had to be painted blue and white to match my room of course. I used inexpensive acrylic paint -
 It really turned out cute, and I love it sitting up on my desk top shelf. My button Drawers!

Here is a look in the "Red/Pink" drawer -
 Now this has been great for me.... has been... I have been trying to decide where to go from here.... Should I get a second one or find larger storage? Mine is SO full that the drawers are just not working well and I have started piling up buttons in other places. So ... opinions here, Do a second one and expand? Or should I look for something larger?

Thought I would also share one of my all time favorite storage items.... You can find these all over my house for storage - Here are a few on top of one of my cabinets in my Craft Room - Vintage Tin Bread Boxes!
These here hold old family photos - and paperwork - and old tools and the tall round container... it has some old markers and ink pads in it. 

They make me happy - I love seeing them in my room, I love recycling them for my uses, and honestly - they are pretty inexpensive at yard sales or markets... well sometimes they are, I have seen crazy prices at some shows - but shop around!

Hope you enjoyed today- give me your opinion on my button drawers -
HUGS and -


Michele said...

I like the drawers.. I am if I don't see it I do not always remember I have it. My though if you like the drawers and have floor space possibly a lingerie chests?

Anonymous said...

I like the drawers. Another one like that and you could just seperate the colours more. 1 drawer for red; pink; yellow etc and they just sit on top of each other.... just a thought.
Beth Greco

Karen McAlpine said...

I do like your vintage tin collection. I spied some in your kitchen too. If you can find another of the drawer unit, I would go with that. Maybe separate the colors more. Like instead of pink and red in one drawer have one drawer for each. Have a great day!!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

That is so adorable, I would get a second one and go side by side.

Carol Dee said...

I ditto the vote for a second set of drawers. It looks perfect.

Anonymous said...

Like you button drawers. If they're all full, maybe it's time to stop buying buttons until you use some of those up???? Just a thought. LOL

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, I would also go for a second set of drawers. This blue-white one is lovely and like all others said you have more room to split up colours. Good luck.

Di said...

I would go with a second set of drawers. I'm with everyone else in that you can separate your colors out more....and I love the tins. I have a bunch of candy tins sitting on top of a shelf....Now I have a good use to put them to....thank you for sharing your ideas!

Caroljenks said...

I'd say get another one of the same too, they are so sweet and look a perfect size to have as button drawers - so sweet.
...and I bet if you went for a new larger storage solution for your buttons you'd only fill it again really soon ;) lol!

Carol x

Cynde said...

I vote with all the others. Another drawer like you have. Separate the colors per drawer. You love it so and it's right there where you use them.