Saturday, February 11, 2012

Animal Crackers - Photo Shoot Cute

Hello - ok, so I told you the puppies have grown a ton while I was away... I tried to get a couple of shots last week to show you. Well for some fun I decided the boys needed to have a professional photo shoot. Sort of Glamour shots for the boys... LOL  So I scooped them up and placed them one at a time in my photo tent with a mirror and lights - Love how they photos came out! Even if the entire time I was in a panic that they would have an "accident"... LOL

Tuco  -
 Hubby is totally thrilled, it looks like Tuco is going to have one blue eye and one brown. And Look at all the color he has!
 Now Ammo - He is such a handsome dude - more adorable that handsome now, but I can see that he is going to be really a handsome man when all grown up :0)

Now some donkeys - This is a FABULOUS site. GREEN... With all the rain we have been having, we have lots of green around here and lots of mud too, ha! Green is a color we haven't had in more than two years. And despite it being "winter" with all the rain, grass is growing like crazy! And the donkeys are loving it! 
Now in one of the storms while I was at CHA a dead tree in one of the donkey pens ( dead due to the drought ) anyway one of the dead trees fell over during a bad storm. Hubby has it all cut up and ready to load up and get out of the pen, but until it dries out he can't get in to load it up... The baby donkeys are climbing all over it and playing :0)  Here Bella and Yolanda are taking a look at what was left of their tree... Good thing Hubby has new trees planted on the other end of the pen -
Headed over to the Girls pen next, Again will all the rain I haven't had a lot of chances to go out and love on everyone since home. But there was a nice afternoon this week so I took advantage and said hello to each and everyone of my babies.

Cali, Lydia and Marissa - all three are really pretty girls don't you think?
Ok, so they need baths they have been rolling in the mud a bit, but still pretty -

Juliet -
This girl nearly crawls through the gate trying to get you to love on her - Super sweet... and Love her eyes. They are always so big with excitement.

Then I went over to the goat pen. A little bit about Goats.... they HATE the rain, I think they believe they are going to melt if they get rained on. Totally freak out when it starts to even drizzle. And with that they hate Mud... no rolling in mud for them! But when the sun comes out they are all up on top of everything to enjoy with warmth... Here is Annie and her daughter Chloe. Both are pregnant again... Can't wait to see what the babies will look like with Peso as the Daddy....

And then I saw Jill - up on top of one of the wooden spools... gotta a itch? No problem...

So that is why they have the horns! Very useful! LOL  Jill is also pregnant... we are gonna have lots of kids this spring!

Hope todays photos made you smile. It was great to be back to my babies.
Have a great Saturday!
HUGS and


Ardilla said...

Aw.... The puppies are so cute!!! Thank you for showing some green, I already forgot how to look the natural green after more than 5 months of snow :( The donkies and the goats are super cute...
Lovely place where you live!!!

Kirsten Alicia said...

I have to say; I am in total love with Tuco. If I lived near you I would be offering your hubby all sorts of bribes to let me take that gorgeous puppy home with me. So, you better keep him, otherwise my heart will break if I can't see him EVERY WEEK in your blog!! :)
Wonderful to see the donkeys enjoying the gren grass & the goats soak up the sun. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Dee in N.H. said...

Great pics! I so want to come give Miss Juliet a little rub behind the ears and a nice warm kiss on the soft fuzzy nose! What a sweetie!

Helen said...

What a great photos again. The doggies are so adorable and I still can't make up my mind which one I love the most. They are sooooo cute. The donkeys seem to enjoy themselves in the green grass and the goats are so lovely.
Hugs from Holland

Carol Dee said...

Oh so sweet. they all look loved! Looking forward to seeing babies this spring :)Hugs....

Kittie said...

Both Ammo and Tuco are adorable. I gasped when the blog page opened and I saw the gorgeous photos.

Stampin Mindy said...

Hi Michelle! How are ya? I just love looking at all your fur babies!

Hugs. Mindy

LorraineB said...

Oh those puppy faces!! Between the puppies, full grown dogs, donkeys, and are on cute and adoreable overload - lol. I never get tired of seeing your photos and the videos are great to see. Thanks for taking the time to post your animals every Saturday. I look forward to seeing everybody.