Saturday, February 4, 2012

Animal Crackers - They doubled in size!

I am Back! Got in late yesterday and it is pouring down rain so no outside photos. And with all the thunderstorms I really haven't even turned on the computer yet.

So one more post from my phone. I just snapped a couple of photos this morning just so you can see how much the puppies have changed while I was away.

Tuco.... Can you believe how darn cute he has gotten.

Ammo... The copper color has really started coming in. He is going to look a lot like Autie.

One more photo. Hubby sent me this one while I was at CHA.

Look close - this is Cleatus STANDING on his momma Lillies back. He is a little big to be still doing this... But Lillie doesn't seem to mind.

Well time to get my routine back. Laundry and unpacking today. No other housework, my amazing Hubby had the house all sparkling when I arrived home. He is such a keeper :0)


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~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Cute, cute and cute! WOW the puppies are big! And LOL Cleatus is really funny =) I'm glad you arrived back home safely hun! Can't wait to chat with you again.

Jay Jay

Dee in N.H. said...

Welcome home! I bet everyone was really happy to see you and isn't it the sweetest thing to walk into a clean house! Thanks hubby!

Ellie Maggie said...

What a darling hubby you have. Bet the babies have missed you and haven't they grown into lovely fluffy cuties!! My jaw dropped open when I read Cleatus was standing on his mum's back!!!! Hilarious! Bet you're so glad to be home with your babies. Looking forward to seeing your CHA photos you promised.
Ellie Maggie x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Oh, little Tuco, how gorgeous you are!!!! It's wonderful to see him looking so much stronger.
I couldn't believe the pic of Cleatus. If I were Lillie, he wouldn't be standing on my back. :)
I hope you get time for a little rest & relaxation over the weekend.

Carol Dee said...

WOW, DH is a KEEPER. Does he give lessons to clueless hubbies?
Ufff Cleatus get off your Momma!
The puppies sure grew fast this week. They just get cuter and cuter. Hugs...

Rhonda Miller said...

Those puppies are so darn cute and that goat is too funny. THanks for sharing these pics with us.

Marilyn said...

Good to have you back! I want them both! I would love to have those little guys. What's up with that goat? OMGosh, I laughed when I saw it, it's so funny!

Helen said...

What a cuties, but I think I love Ammo the most in these pictures, although if I was overthere I could not make up my mind, because I love all puppies. The goat is great. Hugs