Saturday, February 25, 2012

Animal Crackers - Puppies - Bye Bye Ammo and Nature on our Pond!

Today I have no Donkeys or Goats... it is a sad post where we say goodbye to one of the puppies. Ammo left last night to live with his new Mommy and Daddy.... my BF Tracey and her Hubby. So it isn't really too sad, cuz I will get to see him often I am sure. But it will be hard for a few days for his brother Tuco to deal with not having his brother around.

We will miss Ammo... he is such a handsome man like his dad :0)
Adorable yes?
You would think by this photo that he is calm and in thought... 2 seconds later he took off and totally wiped out is brother Tuco....

Again - his brother Tuco is going to miss him terribly
These boys LOVE to play! And Tuco holds his own with Ammo - considering at their vet appointment this week Ammo was a whopping 3.8 lbs and Tuco only 2.8lbs.

Funny photo of Tuco... just after his very first Good Boy Cookie....
Yes, both boys are doing pretty good in their potty training outside. Really well when I remember to take them out after every nap - and I mean as soon as their eyes slightly open and they stretch, we right away make the way down the long hall and out the back door and they do so good! LOL Hey they are barely 7 weeks old!

Tuco did get snagged on one thing this week...
Since we have redone the house and I have a new living room - we have a puppy gate across the door between our dining room and living room to keep the dogs out of my new room. Well I guess Puppy Gate if the puppy isn't 2.8lbs.... and can go right through the bars! Really upsets his Mommy, cuz Libbie really wishes she could get through there to climb in my windows... LOL

But how can you get upset at all at a face like this?
Totally love that I got a great outdoor photo of Tuco! he was playing in the freshly cut grass. Man he is going to be a killer at getting out of trouble isn't he?  Just shoot me a look with that face, one blue eye and one brown and smile and that is it! Out of trouble...

So we have had to say good bye to Ammo - hope he had a good first night in his new home.

ok.. now some nature on our pond, or tank as we call them here in Texas. I don't think I have said much about our tanks have I? We actually have two small and one good deep tank on our property. But they had pretty much gone to never never land the past 3 years or so. Dried up in the Drought. Well we have had about 12 inches since the first of the year and the ponds are back. Frogs are back and Hubby is totally thrilled that now the Ducks have arrived.
Sorry you can't barely see them here... I SO desperately need a new lens for my camera! I have wanted a good lens to capture the birds and wildlife out here and just never taken the jump to get one. I am nervous on what to get and will it do what I need... if you know cameras, and what I need for my Sony AX - please shout out and give me some advise. Hubby has said I can get one this spring, I just need to know what I want.

So we have the ducks and then on his way to our pond earlier in the week this big guy had me stopped waiting on him to cross our driveway, after I went to the grocery store. For a few minutes I worried my frozen food was going to melt before he would make it across the driveway and down the little hill to the tank - LOL

ok, need to run. Today we are going to the Rodeo! The real rodeo, we were given box seat tickets to see Extreme Bull Riding and then see Trace Adkins. Not huge country music person, but I am sure we will really enjoy it. When we go to the "rodeo" and I say the "rodeo" I should say Fairgrounds. We never attend the actual "Rodeo" But hey... great tickets can't be wasted can they? Can't wait... extreme bull riding should be a blast to watch!

Have a great day -
Back to regular scheduled Animal Crackers next week... weather is getting better so I hope to start getting some great out door shots! Baby goats are getting real close, and hey maybe soon I'll have that new lens for better shots!
HUGS and-


Kirsten Alicia said...

I know I'm repeating myself, but I love Tuco & I'm delighted he's staying with you, I would miss seeing him so much. I'm sure Ammo will be very happy with his new family, it's great that you know them.
Love the pics of the ducks on the pond & the turtle - tortoise? - crossing your path.
Have a great weekend.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

You have turtles outside??? That's so cool! And I love your Tuco puppy with his different eyes. Sooo cute!

Jay Jay

Kittie said...

Those puppies are so adorable. I'm sure it was hard to let Ammo go.

Helen said...

OMG they are so adorable; it would break my hear to let one of them go; lucky for you he is going to stay with your BF. Tuco with the grass is so cute; you can't be angry with him with such a face. Love the pond and all the wildlife around you. Have a great day at the rodeo. Hugs.

Dee in N.H. said...

Great pictures today! My world is all white today with a fresh 8" of snow last night. Have a really good time today!!!

Marilyn said...

Fabulous story telling and pictures Michelle! I love how you 'take us along' for your walk and you can tell how much you love your animals and farm. We live on a farm about 12 miles from the closest town and since we no longer have a dog, we see a lot more animals in or near the yard. I love watching the deer, especially in the spring when they bring the fawns along.
My gosh, those puppies have grown and are so adorable!

Karen McAlpine said...

Such great pics. Thanks for sharing!! Brought a smile to my face!

Rhonda Miller said...

Those are some cute puppies. I love the pics of the pond and turtle. TFS.

Carol Dee said...

Oh My Goodness, I don't think I could very get mad at those adorable faces !!!!
WOW, tickets to the Rodeo and Traci A. *score* Have a great time. :)
Next time Mr. Turtle creeps in front of you, hop out and help him along. I asume he is not too haevy to lift. (And thank goodness he is not a snapper!)

Rufus said...

So good that Ammo is going to your BF, that means that the boys can still have play dates! How adorable they both are! Yay on having the ponds back!