Saturday, February 18, 2012

Animal Crackers - Rain, Rain and more Rain

So after two very hard dry years with very little rain... 2012 it started raining and it keeps on. Not that I am complaining, the rain is making things green and will give us grass and hay for the animals this spring. But man it is standing everywhere and is just plain soggy here. I didn't get to go out and photo yesterday like I normally do. It rained all day and it was cold. Good thing I took some photos earlier in the week... otherwise I wouldn't have a thing to show today!

Estella up first -
This girls bangs crack me up! I didn't brush her part in there folks, nope her bangs just fall that way! She has her own unique hairstyle that is for sure!LOL

Got a photo of our original buck Frank -
Now he knows he is a stud, handsome and just stunning, what he doesn't know is that he isn't the brightest... LOL but it is ok, his personality will keep him a member of our family for  a long time to come. Love ya Frankie!

Frank's daughter Lucy -
She was one of our first babies. Part of the set of quads that Paintbrush had. She had her first kids last summer. And she is getting pretty wide again. I think she will be the first to have her babies this year. Can't wait! Her and Peso should give us some really pretty kids!

Gato... a cat in her own world.
She lives in a house with three adult dogs, two puppies and out her window a whole bunch of goats and donkeys... but this cat she lives in her own world. Here she was asleep on her window bed, She always sleeps on this bed upside down..... oops the flash woke her up.

Messy Autie -

My man Autie... he is a mess, and a bit stinky here in this photo. Been rained on and played outside. His gorgeous long hair isn't so pretty more matted and tangled. But this shot shows my little boys "horns" LOL  He has two bunches of hair just over each ear that stand up... we call them his horns, but he isn't a devil, of all three of the dogs this boy is a sweetie a true lover boy.

Took the puppies out to play one evening this week. Normally the puppies would play outside everyday. But with all the cold rain I just can't take this little ones out. But Thursday evening it was a bit warmer and dryer than it had been. So we had some fun! They had a blast running around the yard. Chasing the adult dogs, and running up to the goats and barking then running to hide behind us when the goats would approach them.

I tried to get some photos with my camera phone and honestly they were just blurs in the photos. Between them running and me laughing so hard.

Here Hubby slowed them down for some petting -
And here they are following him when he was leaving the yard to feed the screaming donkeys that you can see in the background.
They are just too cute for words! Only have one more week with Ammo ... next Saturday he will leave and move to his new home. We are gonna miss him, but going to my best buddy Tracey I'll get to see him lots I am sure :0)

ok.. now I have to show you a present I got from Hubby a couple of weeks ago.  Do you know what this is?

ok, other than a Donkey do you know what it is?  Now we don't smoke, hate it. (Sorry Mom you know we do) But this Donkey is a cigarette dispenser!! Seriously he is. The red box is for the matches, the green box is where you load up the cigarettes. Those long ears... well you pull forward the front ear, the tail lifts up and well... I guess you can figure out the rest. I just love that it is a very old metal donkey! He goes in my donkey collection, love when I get something totally different for my collection! :0)

Well... hope you have something fun planned for this weekend. Me. I have to work, and then do some house cleaning. Blah.. I know but much needed. All though with all this mud outside I think I am going to just scratch mopping the floors from my list - no point until it dries up a bit.

Have a great weekend!
HUGS and-


Marilyn said...

Couldn't sleep so at 4:00 am, I got up.. can you imagine, on a Saturday morning? But what a pleasant way to spend it when the first thing I see upon getting settled in with my coffee is Animal Crackers... wooohoooo! Can't believe how the puppies have grown, Autie is a handsome little dude and Frank just cracks me up... a looker but not so smart, now that's funny!

Carol Dee said...

Love the peek at all the happy critters. :) You will be so glad for all the rain when things are green and fresha gain. Maybe this will mean a less dry summer, too. We sure hope so. Hugs...

Pop's Cards said...

Awwww I love coming to see you, look at them puppies now they are getting so big so quick, x xx x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hope the puppies don't get lost in the grass, or trampled on by goats or donkeys!! Terrific photos, thanks Michelle, have a great weekend.

Helen said...

thanks for sharing another pile of cute photos. Big hug to all the furry friends over there. Regards, Helen