Saturday, August 11, 2012

Animal Cracker - Has it been a week already?

OH my really has it been a week already???

Hank can't believe it either... a week really....

I have NO idea where the week went. I don't think we accomplished too much. It doesn't feel like it anyway. But there were lots of big things this week. I also had NO idea that I hadn't blogged since Tuesday. I am going to totally blame Hubby ok? You see.. he makes it too easy to drop my "responsibilities" and go off and have fun. LOL

Now for this photo of Hank? Well he is growing up so fast! His head... well he has a huge head! I don't think he really does, but his hair is just totally out of control, and it looks like a wild man. I tried to brush it down with my fingers, he liked that.. must have felt good, but as for fixing his hair? Nope... those horns just keep it pushed up and standing straight up. You can't see it in this photo, but my baby boy is even growing his "goatee" They grow up so fast... sigh.

This is probably the biggest thing going on here... you see this is what we call the Texas Barn. It is an old chicken house, barn, storage building. OLD is the word... Hubby calls it "Termites holding hands" I DO NOT GO INTO THIS BARN. Seriously scary!

And this barn. Well it sits right in the middle of everything. In a prime valuable piece of dirt, right behind the goat pens, and in front of the main barn. This is where I originally wanted the new chicken coop. Sorry... Cat house. But now the plans call for a garden here... a large, Very WELL fenced garden. Gotta keep out those three stooges or I won't get any veggies at all. There has been LOTS of photos taken in front of this barn. I think nearly every visitor has had their photo taken in front of that Texas flag. (We didn't paint it, was already here when we bought the farm)

So this is the barn last week... and this is the barn yesterday evening....

Whoo Hoo!!! Yes it is sad it is gone... but  Whoo Hoo!!! We hired BFF Tracey's Son to make it go away! And yesterday he really did a good job getting it down and tearing it apart. Oh it put up a little bit of a fight, but in reality, just a shove with the tractor and then some hammers and it there wasn't much to it. Another day or so and then Hubby can start cleaning the dirt, and scrapping it getting it ready for a Spring garden! Valentine is walking by here wondering what we are up to now... LOL

Snapped a photo of Cocoa trying to figure things out -

 I think I told you early in the week about her very rough day on Sunday. She was chased, harassed, and totally beat up by a strange donkey that got on our property. Poor thing was just worn out, and about to give up when we drove up. She is doing fine now. And happy that the sheriff came and made the bad donkey go away. Really it wasn't the donkey's fault. He is just doing what Man donkey's do... the owners need to make sure he is secure.... and that is all I will say on that. (insert upset face with tape over my mouth here ok?)

OH and here is another "Big" thing from this week.  - A BIG load of hay was ordered in -

Seriously this was the largest load we have had delivered in a long time. With the drought... we would have gotten second mortgage on the farm for huge loads. But it has rained, and prices have come down just a tiny bit, and the feed store got in some really nice hay this week. Fresh from the field the day it was cut... so we stocked up and filled the barn. Teddy was here making sure that nothing was wasted falling off the trailer - All the donkeys were watching from their pens... and all very excited to see so much coming in. I figure it was to them a little like standing at Baskin Robbins 31 flavors Ice Cream - so over whelming so much Ice Cream in one place! HA! Ok, this diet is really getting to me huh?

Couple of just cute photos ... I guess I should have let you know that my photos this week are all from my phone. I didn't realize it was Friday until late yesterday afternoon. And didn't have my camera charged... oops. Good thing I snapped with my phone all week huh?

Love this one.
Marisa and Cali... I couldn't believe Marisa was so much taller than Cali. She is much younger... but her Mom is as Hubby calls her "A Moose" - But no denying that both of these girls are Raffie's, my smiling donkey, they both have his face.. those eyes. And both are sweetie pies, just like him too.

And then one more - this just cracked me up. About 8pm last night. Kittie's had just finished a couple cans of I believe shredded chicken and Beef chunks with gravy, and were stretching out for the evening to watch all the other animals - But look... They are actually the ones being watched.

Donkeys are fascinated over these cats... imagine when the cat house is turned into the chicken coop... then they will really be interested won't they? LOL

Hope you enjoyed this week - And sorry I lost time and just forgot when and where I was. I will really try to get back to normal ok? I'll try really  -

HUGS and

3 comments: said...

Terrfic pics, love the one of the donkeys watching the cats & Marisa & Cali are so pretty. Looking forward to seeing the garden progress. Have a great weekend.

Helen said...

What a lot of work you did; weeks are flying by so quickly. I have broken down our rabbithouse outside yesterday. A lot of work, but not as much as a barn ;-)
The pics of the furry friends are great again. Hugs

Carol Dee said...

I like the barn that went down. but it did look pretty unstable. ANd a garden will be a great addition.