Tuesday, August 21, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - Bookmarks or Name Tags

Hello Tuesday. Today is the High Hopes Challenge! And this week there is a fun and I think a pretty simple challenge to take on. All  you need to do is make a bookmark or a name tag with a High Hopes Stamp.

Me, I saw this as the perfect time to ink up one of the new Tag stamps... I just love Kitty Tag. A fun topper to a bookmark don't you think?

I colored with my Copics ( colors below ) And then I loosely cut out the cat and bird so they could be popping over the top of the tag.

For the bookmark I used kraft card stock, with pattern papers from My Minds Eye Chic Indie collection. I sewed layers together and then attached my cat with a piece of double sided tape.

Wasn't sure what I was going to use to write on my tag. And then I saw the October Afternoon blue and cream letter stickers. They matched perfectly... and honestly they were easy. Haven't been sleeping well and my brain just can't handle thinking too much. LOL It was better yesterday evening, thank goodness.

I then found three ribbons that matched my colors and cut them and grouped them. I sewed them to another piece of pattern paper and then attached it to the back of the bookmark.

This was fun and something different to make.

Here are the Copic Colors -

Not many colors for this one.

Now please pop over and see all the High Hopes DT projects for this week. TOO CUTE!  And then take just a few minutes and join us in making a bookmark or name tag! So get on over to the High Hopes Challenge.

Now I know some of you are wanting an update on Miss Pattie - We got to bring her home yesterday afternoon!!! She is not 100% yet, but she has improved greatly and the vet said he felt she would do even better at home. We still have no clue what caused her illness. The test are trickling in slowly and so far nothing to tell us what was wrong. The Docs.. yes she had two working on her trying to figure things out, they seem to think that it may have been one of two things. A snake bite, or a bee sting. And then an allergic reaction of some sort. Don't know.. hopefully one of the larger test will come back and say something to let us know. Reguardless ... the main thing that matters is she is home and feeling much better.

Was funny when we went to pick her up. You could tell she was happy to see us, but upset with us for leaving her there. I mean she is a donkey so she doesn't wag her tail like a dog... but you can tell. We lead her out to the trailer and she tried to act like she didn't want to go in and fought us a bit. But she pretty easily loaded up. Once home she jumped out as soon as the door open, and let us lead her across the yard... again... donkey, so they don't just walk along with you, they have to from time to time put the brakes on just to show you they have the control. LOL  As soon as rounding the corner and she saw her girlfriends... she started trotting, and actually hee haw'd just a tiny bit. She is home! Now we just need to keep a close watch on her, meds every day for 10 days and wait for the rest of those test. But we are thrilled she is home and doing so well. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

So what's on for today? Normal house junk... laundry, a little cleaning. I need to find my craft desk and spend a good hour or so sorting and putting away. I have been so lazy lately and my giant desk.. I have barely a 12 x 12 square to work. Time to get my act together!!!

Have a wonderful day.. I think I'll go out and hug a few donkeys and goats....
HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Love this! Cute image and I like the ribbons coming out of the top.
Great coming home story about Pattie too.

BethW said...

So glad to hear Miss Pattie is on the mend.I have been so busy tending my big dog for the past 2 weeks I've been terrible about commenting.My first thought when I read about Pattie was West Nile.I know it's been bad in Texas this year.
Loved all the animal and"treasure' photos.Your blog never fails to brighten my day-thank you!

Helen said...

what a lovely bookmark. Glad to hear Pattie is home again, hope they can tell you what it was. Hugs

Carol Dee said...

Glad to hear miss Pattie is doing well and is home. :) I think she missed you as much as you missed her (even is she won't say so....)
Great book mark. A good way to use those stickers.

Shelly said...

Very cute! I love the way you did the ribbons. I'm so happy to hear that Pattie is home and doing better. :)

TA Carbone said...

Michelle I am so happy to read that Patti is home :)

Ellie Maggie said...

I'm late commenting on Patti as I've been unwell last week, but I'm sooooo pleased she's back home. Signs of her being stubborn are really good signs that she's getting back to normal too!! Good news.
Ellie Maggie x

Ellie Maggie said...

Oh my word, I forgot to say I love your bookmark! I was so pleased about Patti's news! Sorry x