Sunday, August 12, 2012

Me and My Space - Hoosier - Swinging Teddies

We are still working on painting furniture, promise you will see it all when done. But this week I wanted to show you a piece that will NEVER see paint!

This is my little Hoosier cabinet.

I got this a few years back from a good friend. It is a very hard size to find. It is very small - both narrow and in height. It is also in amazing condition. Stunning wood that will never ever see a paint brush. The red and white granite is fabulous as well and pulls out to make it a larger work table. We use this area as safe zone for Gato to eat. I would open it up and show you that inside are many of the original wire racks - but well. We use this for all the stuff.. you know junk that you need to have the moment you need it, but you don't want out in the open. The roll top holds all my cookbooks, as this is right off my kitchen.  . I love this cabinet...

And how about while I am here I'll show you the top of the Hoosier? I just re-did the top... as I got something new this week.

Well not new. But new to me. You see that swing/glider? Isn't it just the absolute cutest? A friend.. the same good friend that I got the Hoosier from, well she has one of these in red. It is  made by Amsco a toy company from the 1920's until I think the 1970's. This piece I think may be from the 1930's??? I think. Need to keep looking for ads to make for sure. They are heavy metal, and the chairs hang from chains and swing back and forth. I love it! I have wanted one forever!! I have looked a million times online for one to buy over the years. And never run across one. Not once! And a little over a week ago Hubby and I were talking about old toys we wanted to find while out "antiquing" and I told him about my friends red swing. I went to answer the phone, and in the 5 minutes I was gone not only did he find one, but it is BLUE ( lots that I collect is that 1930's blue) and it had a buy it now! I looked at him, he smiled and clicked the button. Best Hubby ever I tell you! Just a few days later it was here and my Teddy bears were Swinging baby! The big bears are handmade bears. The brown one is old leather that Hubby got me when we were dating. The Panda.. we found years later at a show. The little bear. Well I found it on a clearance table and just couldn't let that little guy sit there and not be loved. Hmmm maybe this is a sign of all the real life animals we have?

The vintage tin bucket and tin watering can... who knows. Years ago from a Garage Sale, Estate Sale or junk shop... had them forever. I think you will see... toys are a biggie to me, love them. You know I think it is because they just make you smile. They are happy - That is fun to me.

Ok, so that is one more corner in my house. I have lots of corners full... so more on my next Me and My Space ok? Hope you are enjoying my junk -

Have a great Sunday - Hugs and


Helen said...

thanks for sharing; gorgeous cabinet. Hugs.

Carol Dee said...

YES, I enjoy your junk. :) The swing was a fabulous find and such a great hubby you have. :) Hope your Sunday is restful, hugs...