Saturday, August 25, 2012

Animal Crackers - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?

Hi - Today's Animal Crackers has a just as the Title says.. Good, Bad and VERY UGLY!! And actually the UGLY is the really BAD...

Look what was found yesterday here on the farm... just feet from the all the animals...
That is a DEAD Copperhead snake... It wasn't dead when it was found. Hubby made sure that it was very dead though. We have not ever found a Copperhead here before. They are BAD snakes, very poisonous! And seriously it was found like 5 feet from the goat pen, and 10 feet from the donkeys pen!!! And YES... in case you are asking... those are EGGS!!!!!!!  They are now destroyed thank you very much. Even if Hubby says that they were not her eggs... but I don't care I wanted them destroyed JUST IN CASE!

This is how she was found -

At the end of the tear down and clean up of removing the old barn - the guys were picking up all the remaining cinder blocks, thank goodness they saw this before they reached down and picked up this one!  I did call the Doc though, thought he might want to know that we found this so close to Pattie's barn, just maybe this was the cause of her illness? He said he didn't know and all the test are not in yet, but that he would note it in her file and see...  I am just glad this one is no longer here, and hope there are no friends anywhere here!

Now still in the nature category, and Good... these guys I do love seeing here -
Thursday night when taking the doggies out for their last evening business. This guy was perched on the stair railings. In past years we have had a ton of these pretty little frogs, but the last couple of years, not so many. The drought I guess... but seeing this one was really nice. I think they are just too cute.

Also in the Good -

Pattie is home! and seems to be doing just great.

She is back to normal Pattie. Except for the fact that she has to wear her halter. She doesn't like wearing it full time. But I am lazy... and chasing her and having to put it on every night when it is time for her medicine is just too much. So for the week she has to wear it. Sorry Pat... but she doesn't mind too much when she gets out of the pen and her sweet feed mixed with her medicine (shhh she doesn't know it is in there) Luckily it is a powder with no taste, so mixing it up in a small bowl of sweet feed is the easiest way to get it in her. She thinks she is being treated special - we do not feed sweet feed or any kind of grain regularly... makes donkeys fat, and hooves grow really fast. And as long as we get really good quality hay they are happy and more importantly HEALTHY.  WE are so Happy that Pat is home and doing so well. A week ago... we were so worried.

Thought this was a cute view late yesterday afternoon... caught it with my phone -

They were all thinking it was dinner time... and really paying close attention where "Dad" was going and what he was doing. They were not happy at all when he just came out to take out the trash, and then went right back in the house.

Darlene decided to use her authority and tell him that she thought it was time for dinner. Sorry Darlene, "Dad" goes by the clock... not your tummy.

I think I am going to title this photo -


Libbie and Tuco really have been playing hard lately... I have no clue who starts it, but it is a constant rumble. They are just playing - but once they get really going good you can't tell where one starts and the other ends. It is just a "Blue Merle Blur"... and makes me nuts as it is destructive, and loud.. LOL.

And then one last cute one for you. Hubby had gone in the house and Libbie, Tuco and Autie followed him in. I was coming up the stairs to go in, the back door had shut before Chica had made it in so she was waiting for me to let her in... Well she and "BooBoo Bunny" were waiting.

Boo Boo Bunny is Chica's special toy. It was her "Sick present" when we fixed her long ago. She has been attached to her ever since. Problem started up with the now sad little bunny when Libbie had her last litter of puppies, for some odd reason, Libbie decided that she wanted the bunny to be hers. And she started swiping it when Chica wasn't looking and putting it in her crate. And now ever since then these two girls are constantly swiping it back and forth from each other. We have had more than one very loud "discussion" over this little bunny... and the tug of wars has caused a loose leg and loose arm.  This day Chica had the control over the bunny... and when you have control, yes you even take it out with you to do your business... you cannot risk it being left behind and taken!  I have tried bringing in new toys, and the do get played with... But none of them are Boo Boo Bunny.

Well that is it this week - hope you enjoyed them... well all but that nasty snake, yuck!  I'll see you tomorrow to show you what I got antiquing a week ago. I am so excited about it!

HUGS and -


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness that would just freak me out to no end finding a snake near my animals. I'm so glad that no one was hurt and you were able to kill it, just so you know that its gone and won't be harming anyone. On a lighter note, that Boo Boo Bunny is so cute. I don't think I have ever heard of a dog being attached to a stuffed animal like that. Hope that you enjoy your weekend!

Martinas Welt said...

Oh my...I am so glad we have no snakes in Austria...or very tiny snakes which are not dangerous. One of this you have found would freak me out!!!
He,he....little Boo Boo Bunny is definitly loved! =)

Marilyn said...

This was a great post Michelle and I enjoyed every bit of it. That snake is horrid... I hate snakes and although we don't have any poisonous ones here, I still don't like them and a copperhead or rattler would send me off doing the girly-girl screech!
The Blue Merle Blur is the funniest thing ever and what a photo! You can see Darlene's not happy and the Boo Boo Bunny story made me giggle.
Have a good weekend!

Bernice said...

Oh dear,, so glad we don't have any snakes in Ireland! This looks relly scary. Great photos of the donkeys and Chica. Thanks for sharing,

Marie said...

Yuukkie! Neither snakes nor frogs are my thing. Luckly you ended the whole thing with all the cuteness. I would probably die finding a snake around here, and we don't even have poisning snakes here in Sweden. LoL
Have a good weekend
Love n hugs

TA Carbone said...

OH I wish there was a way to paut some king of parmiter around the children so these ugly type of animals can not get anywhere near them. These are one type of animals I do not like. Never did and never will. Patti looks happy being home. Oh my poohbear had a special toy also. It was a weazel we called baby and he had it from the day we brought him home till the day he died. Yes baby got cremated with poohbear as I wanted them to spend eternity together. Love my Animal Crackers Day as it brings joy to my heart especially when I need it the most


Rhonda Miller said...

Oh my goodness, I'm glad you found the snake before it could bite anyone.
What a fun thing to have the frogs around. We don't see many of them here.
Thanks for sharing the pics of you animals.

Helen said...

IEKS... I probably would have dropped dead just by sight of this UGLY!!! Glad you (hubby) caught it in time and killed it. You're so right, snake eggs or not, just kill it. Hope you will have not more of these in the neighbourhood. Pattie looks great and doing fine at home again. Chica and Boo Boo Bunny are great. My german shepherd is also very font of one particular stuff toy; an ostrich from Ikea. In the meantime she has lost her legs and her head as well due to all the cuddling (with teeth), so only the body is there, but whenever I try to give it a wash (it smells a bit) she snags it out of the washing machine. Hugs, Helen

Carol Dee said...

Yikes, nothing as heart stopping as finding a poisonious snake that close! So glad it is GONE for good.
Those puppies must be in constant motion. fun.
Looking forward to seeing your newest find. Hugs...

Anonymous said...

So glad Pattie is back home with you all. That snake is scary! Thank goodness it was found.

Ellie Maggie said...

Thank goodness no-one was dangerously hurt by that horrible snake. Good thing that you have a brave hubby to kill it! Love the Blue Merle Blur and Boo Boo Bunny stories...such a lovely blog post to read (as they all are).
Have a good weekend. It's a long Bank Holiday one here in the UK!
Ellie Maggie x

Vicky said...

Oh My Goodness I cant stand snakes good thing she was found before she could get to your precious babies. When you find snakes you kind of keep your eyes open to be sure you dont happen to come across anymore of them.
Thanks for sharing pictures of all your animals they are soo cute.