Saturday, August 4, 2012

Animal Crackers - Face Time

Lots of face time this week with the photos...

This is my favorite shot of the week I think -

Gracie... She may not be the most friendly goat from all of our babies... but man she has the looks! I keep telling her that one day she will be put in with handsome Frankie and with her gorgeous black and white fur and stunning blue eyes, and then his handsome long black and white fur and his Sinatra blue eyes.. SHOULD make for some really pretty babies! But we are a ways from that, for now she can just enjoy being a teenage goat. :0)

Now this was a close runner up ... Love how you can see all her eye lashes... top and bottom!

And let me tell you Crissy... she has some SUPER long bottom eye lashes! She reminds me so much of her Mom Jill when she was a young girl. She has become really friendly, and loves to "help" Hubby with getting the grain each night. Between her and Sandy, he nearly crashes and falls more than once while getting to the feeders. He acts mad... but he really isn't, he loves these girls.

Got a sweet photo of Miss Gloria -

She really has slicked off this year. And she has really mellowed as she has grown up. For a while I wondered if she was going become a sweet lady. She was so obnoxious and unruly... if I had a nickel for every time Hubby screamed Gloria stop it... well I wouldn't have to worry about the feed bill each month! LOL Getting out of the pen, shoving people, biting and nipping at people and the other donkeys, jumping up on us, all in love of course but just not proper behavior! ha! But as she has gotten older she is much calmer, and still loves to be the center of attention.. just not quite so in your face about it. And believe me there were times where she was literally in your face!

I was trying to get a few photos of "Little Bitty One" She has such gorgeous big eyes.

But something on the ground really had her attention. I have no clue what. Maybe a stray tiny piece of good hay? or a tiny little green sprout of grass? A bug? No clue, but it really had her fascinated. And she had no interest in my photo shoot. She probably was thinking... "Mom you already got photos of me a couple of weeks ago... " They do remember better than I do you know.

Profile of Miss Chica -

Hubby calls her our middle child. All this dog wants in life is your attention. Just a few minutes of loving, petting or talking to her. Such a beautiful little lady.

Oops no face shot of little Tuco this week -

Snapped this one with my phone the other night. This is RIGHT behind my chair. I have to remember to always look behind and around me before I move my chair. If it isn't Tuco - it is Autie or Chica. No.. not really Chica is always in front of my chair with her head on my foot. But Tuco and Autie, they LOVE to sleep right behind me. And here... Tuco was REALLY asleep... in fact the reason I got this photo is because I heard his snoring...  too funny!

Hope you liked my face time this week. The kids are all getting through summer pretty well this year. It hasn't seemed like it has been nearly as hot as normal. But August is starting to look like it may make up for it.

I'll be back later today with the last post of the Whimsy Stamps August Release - so please do stop back in if you can. Then I'll see you tomorrow for a little of what we have been doing this week and a few more of my collectibles -

See ya!


Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Tuco & the goats are so pretty.

Ellie Maggie said...

Gorgeous photos Michelle - Josephine looks as though she's wearing eyeliner this week!! Difficult to pick a favourite - they're all beautiful. Have a lovely weekend.
Ellie Maggie x

Marilyn said...

Great pics! Now a dog who is so content in life and secure in where he belongs, now that's a dog who sleeps on his back... like a king!

Rhonda Miller said...

Great pics. I love seeing the animals.

Carol Dee said...

They are all so sweet. I love seeing them. TFS back later. Hugs...

Helen said...

What a great photos. Love all those sweeties and the story of the dogs sounds familiar; mine do the same. Hugs

Rufus said...

Great "face" time this week. Everybody but Josephine was really cooperating! Tuco's a hoot!