Sunday, August 26, 2012

Me and My Space - A Miniature Restoration Coming

Hello Sunday - As promised last week today I am going to show you my newest treasure. I have been wanting one of these forever, and last weekend in a hidden away antique shop it was waiting for me! I saw it sitting on the floor in this very dark shop, I didn't even want to say anything to Hubby. As I knew it was probably very pricey. As it is truly an Antique. I just looked across the store at him, and pointed down. From where he was he couldn't see what I was trying to not freak about.  He made his way towards me, and as he got there, I just walked away.... don't want to appear totally ga ga over it you know. Hubby got down on the floor (another thing I didn't want to do in public...) he got down on the floor and opened it up. The owner of the store started to tell him all about it. His wife had purchased it years before and wanted to restore it herself and just didn't know how to go about it with out messing it up. After a little haggling Hubby grinned at me and said she will take it. If the floor hadn't been one of those creaky, thin old wood floors I would have jumped for joy... but I contained myself :0)

Ready to see?  Now it isn't much now ok? Needs LOTS of TLC... But I am so in love with it!!!!

Sorry horrible photo .. sun was coming in behind the window... After many hours of research, and then confirmation with a expert from one of the doll house sites, we have found that this is a kit house. Actually it is a couple of kits, plus a few bonus pieces. Handicrafts manufactured the kits used on my house. One 1923 - 1929 and the other 1923-1939. They seem to think it probably was built in the 1920's. They said whoever built it took the pieces from the kits and then designed their own house with all the pieces. Most houses of this era have two opening doors on the sides to access the inside. Mine has the two side doors, and the front opens up as well.

Now the roof is original, it is paper shingles, and is in pretty good condition. But the sides and all of the fretwork, well there are 90 years of paint... thick gooey paint was the last coat. Now to restore it best, we would want to remove the paint layers and save the paper that originally covered this house. You can see the paper in flaked off areas.

Totally awesome isn't it... the paper was a red brick pattern paper. We are going to try and save it, but if we can't I am already on the hunt for original antique paper to use. If that doesn't happen there are companies that produce re-makes of it. But I really would love to keep everything of the same period.

Now I want the outside to be gorgeous, and as much like it was when made, but we all know what the fun part of a doll house is right?

Yea.. I know lots of work inside too...  Hey Hubby and I have restored more than one full size house that didn't look this good when we started, so I think we can do this one. Just like the outside, I am looking for original wall papers, and floor. I can see small glimpses of the original patterns in each room. So I should be able to put the inside back pretty close to as new as well.

One of my favorite things about the house is the fire place!!

It is many layers and is so detailed. It has a vintage photo of logs burning that is behind it. From the early catalogs there was suppose to be a mirror above this mantle. I don't know if it was never there or if it disappeared long ago... but according to the records, it came with it... so I am going to be on the hunt for it as well.

So lots of work, and it won't happen all at once. And Hubby is excited about it as well so he will be helping me get it all done correctly, you know... his way. But I know it is done to its best with him.

I have been told I need to wait to start searching for the fun.. the furniture and decorations. As we need to concentrate on the house only right now. But between you and me... I have been surfing the internet, the auction sites and web sites for 1920-1930's items. I have printed out some of the furniture made by the same company, Handicrafts. And also a few other companies that have styles that I love. I am collecting photos from the web for things I love... you really would think I was doing a "real" house.. LOL

Here is one of a kitchen I love and might goal towards...

I know right?? too cute! The details just amaze me. Love the little kitty.. LOL

Ok... So I already have too much to do on my list... but this is going to be fun, and yes I know ... slow. I will show progress as we accomplish it. Right now I just like looking at my shambles of a doll house and seeing in my head how gorgeous it will be.

Now no need to tell me, I know... I am a dork. Ha!

Hope my doll house gave you a smile, and memories of your childhood. (oh BTW... my 1st  childhood doll house? Was plastic, two story and the supports kept coming apart and it would fall to one side.... this dollhouse will be different!)

Have a wonderful Sunday!
HUGS and -


Anonymous said...

What an exciting project!! Looking forward to the progress reports.

Maryann said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, and I´m so jealous ha ha ha. I know a girl, who´s making this too and she has made some amazing houses over the years, so I don´t doubt a second, that this will be too. Good luck on finding all the right things for it.

Helen said...

what a great treasure you found. Love to see the progress when you and hubby restore it in the original way. Regards

Janette said...

This is just fascinating and I will watch closely to see how your getting on until the finished result is finally revealed, what a find, so much fun for you too...can not

Carol Dee said...

Looking forward to seeing the work in progress and the results. You really are lucky to have such a wonderful Husband that shares your passions and has the patiences to fix it up perfectly. Big hugs...

Ellie Maggie said...

Oh this brings back my childhood dolls house memories (not from the 1920's though!). How lovely that hubby has the same passion as you have about the mini-house. Yes, I saw the cat in the kitchen and thought it looks so cute. You're at the beginning of a wonderful journey with this dolls house, enjoy every part of it Michelle.
Ellie Maggie x

Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper said..

What a cool project. Looking forward to seeing the work in progress and the finished project.