Saturday, April 6, 2013

Animal Crackers - Cheep Cheep in their new home!

Howdy -

Hope you will forgive me but this week things this week are short. Due to traffic it has been dark every night this week when we get home from the show. LOTS of traffic. As in sit without moving a wheel for 5 minutes then roll 10 feet and sit again. We hadn't planned on that in our timing for getting home to be with the animals. It was a good show, but hard and exhausting. About 1:30 hours each way everyday - not including the traffic coming home that adds another hour or more. But to be able to come home to our kids it is all ok.

Except for the fact that I just knew I would be home at least a half an hour to hour before the sun set to take some photos and love on my fur babies while shooting some photos. Uh nope. Couldn't see them in total darkness - So I only have a few photos that I snapped with my phone earlier in the week -

First the Chicks and Guineas are all living happily in the new coop -

A few are a little blurry - but they move fast! The first afternoon they were not friendly to each other, but by nigh time the Guineas were sleeping in a wad with the chicks. The guineas tried to show they were boss at first... but one little chick wouldn't take it, and protected all the others and would run off the guineas any time they came near. But they all made friends and are happy now. We had a scary night and day with them the first day of the show... HUGE storms came through the night before the show opened. LOVED the rain, but the lightning and hail was not nice for the critters. So at a little before midnight we were out there with flashlights catching all the birds and closing them up in the hut. They spent the entire next day in the hut as we were at the show and the storms were still going on, baby chicks sometimes don't do so well in the rain and I thought they were old enough and wouldn't drown, but didn't want to risk it. So inside they were - didn't seem to upset about it either, they were nice and dry.

All though they are loving the space and scratching for food. Aren't they getting really red?  Now the guineas... oh my they are funny. They have been practicing their flying - across the pen. And they love to chatter and scream. But their favorite thing? Perching on the sticks. I put long branches across each corner of the pen, and then in their hut. They have claimed the perches. And when not eating... they are perched watching over things. They are so big too -

Thursday night I went in to check on everyone and fill their water and feed - couldn't find the guineas anywhere! Started to panic a bit, but then finally there is a brace board under their hut. The hut is about 2 feet off the ground, I looked under the hut but didn't see any "legs" - I hurt my back so bending way down was not an option. But after freaking out I went and looked again and when I flashed the light under one moved... All three in a row way up under the hut. Safe and sound. And upset I had interrupted their sleep - LOL 

One more photo I took while packing up eBay sells last Saturday. This one made me jump a bit - 

This is in my shipping closet - Way up on the top shelf something was hiding and watching me - Gato found a new cozy hiding spot. Now one she isn't suppose to be in the closet, and two she had to climb up the boxes to get there. But shhhh... she didn't think I could see her. I left her there until I could run and get my phone to snap the photo - then I got her down and told her no more in my closet!

Sorry it is short this week - Next week should be pretty calm and now that we had a little rain things should green up and make some nice photos. Hubby would say lots of mowing too, but he won't complain about the rain.

I may sleep for a day or two and then catch up on things... ok just one really long night would do - Maybe tonight and then we can sleep late Sunday morning. Maybe until 7 or 7:30 am! Wow that would be awesome!

Have a great day! Hug a furry friend!
Hugs and -


Ellie Maggie said...

I can't believe how big all these chicks have grown! Crafty Gato, our old cat always found spaces she shouldn't be in! Hope your back's better soon. I'm under doc's orders to rest, so hubby's running around after me LOL.
Ellie Maggie x

Carol Dee said...

Chickens and guinnies do grow fast! They have a very nice place to live. :) Silly Gato. My Sisters cat hid on me when I was watching her. Up in the basement duct work! I paniced and had to get DH to help me find her. Hope the sales are good toda and you het to rest some on Sunday.

Helen said...

thanks for sharing; they grow really fast. Have a good rest. Hugs, Helen said...

Good morning from the UK, hope you're getting plenty of rest this weekend. Love the photo of Gato & those birds are growing by the minute.

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