Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Me and My Space - getting into a few different eBay items

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Things have been really busy around here. Lots of Normal and Lots of getting things out, cleaned up and on eBay. Since there are no antique shows for the past couple of weeks we decided to go through the stock and move some items. So not only have I been listing the estate I am working through, but now we are listing items from our own stock.

So lots of items going on and selling in our eBay store. More "man" type of antiques with Hubby's trucks. Some of my Antique dolls, and other toys. Then I got into some new items in the estate that found me really ooohing and aaahhing. But I snapped photos and listed them.

Got into a box of vintage fabrics, embroidery and doily items. Listed a stunning Lithograph fabric Pillow Cover from 1900! The color and image are really stunning! Would love to add to my own collection of pretty things... but have to think business like and listed it. But really... look how pretty it is!

Just as it was purchased over 100 years ago!! Never used, just folded and put away. This are gorgeous Victorian pillows - but I have seen them framed as well.

Found a finished vintage needlepoint.  Large size like for a bench top or long rectangle pillow.
I have really never finished any needlepoint so buying someone else's hard work would be a great way for me to work with a pretty piece like this.

Picked out a few of our stock Antique Pressed steel trucks to list - this one sure is a pretty one. Toys from the 1920's and 30's sure were great weren't they? Look sturdy - imagination - well made and NO BATTERIES!

This one has been totally restored. The paint is like a mirror!! My truck didn't have a paint job like this when I drove off the showroom floor!  Great toy.

And then a pretty little dolly - Love this ones eyes.

Sweet little German Bisque doll from Heubach Kopplesdorf - I have "stocked" up so many great porcelain bisque dolls that I am thinking I need to list a bunch more. Only way to have room to buy more right? LOL That is the BEST part of doing this. I get to "play" with wonderful antiques, then I price them and sell them so I can go out and find more. And yes... a few do hurt when they sell... Sold a doll last month that I fell in love with, got it, next day took it to a show and it sold 30 minutes into the first day. Hubby was worried I wasn't going to let go of it... LOL

Hope you enjoy seeing a few of the antiques we deal with - You can see all the listings in the DonkeySmiles eBay store you can click on the link on the bar on the right -

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Carol Dee said...

OMG those trucks are going to sell well! I peeked at the Ebay bids. WOW. Very Nice. Good Luck.