Saturday, April 13, 2013

Animal Crackers - There is always one that has to be different

Howdy -

oH my the weather was so gorgeous here yesterday afternoon!! I grabbed my camera and went out to make the rounds. Everyone was enjoying a nice spot in the shade and the nice temperatures. If I had a hammock I could have easily joined them in a little afternoon nap. And this is probably why we have never gotten a hammock... well that and one of the animals would probably use, tear it, knock it over or eat it...

Hope you are not already tired of the chickens and guineas - but they are changing so much that I just have to show them off...

The chickens were all lined up liking the nice breeze in the shade - Why is it that there is always one that can't do as the others?

Five of them were facing one way... but that one rebel in the middle decided that it was better to face outward.

But then they thought maybe we had some sort of food for them. Haven't they gotten huge?

And changing every day - Love the red color on these guys. Rhode Island Reds.... I am thinking I would like to get some Wyondettes next... unless I find something else that we fall for. :0)

Hubby likes the chickens... but the Guineas are "his" and he is thrilled with them. They scream every time he comes out the back door.

Their coloring is really gorgeous - and they are a ton of fun - He says when they are big enough we can let them out of the pen and they will stay around the house... I am thinking no - I would die if something got them. Especially if it was one of the outside dogs - He keeps telling me that they can run fast and fly up into a tree.... but I have seen them with bunny rabbits to often - and a guinea that I raised would just crush me. They are only doing what they do I know that... but still ...

This is one close family - Paintbrush and her girls from different birthings are always together -

And the hut in the middle of the pen has been claimed as thiers - don't even think of getting in it ok?

Sandra Dee (my totally spoiled rotten bottle baby from last year) - was calling out for me to come and let her climb on me.

But I had on my "nicer" clothes and we were planning to leave soon for dinner so a white goat climbing on me was not in my plans at this time. I'll make it up today for her though.

Snapped a great photo of Toffee -

He is a handsome guy - babysitting him still for the neighbor. It will be a long term thing as Toffee and Coffee have decided that getting on a trailer and traveling is not something they want to do... living in a large pen with all Ladies is much better - (good thing they are both "safe" for the girls and can't do anything) 

This is one of my favorite views on our property - 

We have a huge Oak tree in the back by the barn. You can hardly see under it as the limbs reach down and touch the ground. Hubby thinks it is over 300 years old from the distance of the trunk. The three standards love this area. And they graze there quite often. Peaceful scene isn't it?

Poor Libbie wasn't feeling well yesterday - Something she ate I am sure. By evening she was back to herself. But you can tell her that her tummy was upset -

And here her daughter does the same thing and is chewing on a stick. I take them from them, tell them no and it does no good they are chewers.

Chica is especially a chewer...

But her Dad Autie is an Eater... he will eat anything - and it drives me nuts cuz he usually gets sick. How do you stop it? I have no clue...I have tried scolding, yelling, time out... he just is a chewer...

 Wood, plastic, shoes, string, boxes, jeans... it just doesn't matter - sigh.. But he is my boy... my matted messy dog... and we love all of them.

Hope you enjoyed today's photos... went a bit over, in fact I have a bunch more left to show you ;0)
Next time...

Have a wonderful weekend.
HUGS and-


Marilyn said...

Great pics and it looks like it is a laid back day for everyone. The birds are changing so much... a week makes a huge difference.
I love it when there is pics of the dogs, I really do.

Carol Dee said...

Love that oak tree (which you hsve labeled Oat Tree) :) Oaks are my fave.
Paintbrush and girls are stunning, I love their coloration.
Speaking of dogs that chew and eat what they should not. My Dh's dog will eat anything no matter how disgusting. Dead critters seem a delicacy until they come back on him. (Sorry to be so gross.) DOGS!!!
Have a wonderful weekend.hugs...

Ellie Maggie said...

The pics have a laid back vibe about them this week, so lovely. Must be all that heat...send us some please?! Love all the pics, especially Toffee, such beautiful colouring. Your oak tree photo is worth you framing it or using it in your advertising! Poor Libbie, our dog's the same, but glad to hear she's better.
Have a good weekend,
Ellie Maggie x