Saturday, April 27, 2013

Animal Crackers - Heat Lamp or Tanning Bed?

Howdy -

We had to move the baby chicks into my craft room yesterday. We have had them closed up in our spare room where the cat and the dogs couldn't get to them. But we had a guest, and a heat lamp and chicks chirping wasn't the best hospitality... so into my craft room was the next best place for them. Too chilly and humid out on the porch which my first choice. They had been in there maybe 10 minutes when Gato found them... or was it the heat lamp she was happier to find?

"Great tanning bed Mom!" Isn't she a riot. Could have cared less about the chicks. She watched them for 2 minutes and was bored and jumped up on top and took a nap. mmmm it is warm here ... LOL

Libble - she didn't give up. Still hasn't. She is driving us insane.... whining, barking, growling. 24/7 The chicks will be going out on the porch as soon as possible.

I don't know what she would do if she actually got up close to one of them. Don't think I want to know. She got out of the yard last week.... took off a million miles an hour after Niner. He is the largest outside dog. Oh about 20 times her size. I think he knew if he touched her he would be in trouble. So he took off. With her barking on his heels. She is so intense!  Check out those eyes!

Cute photo of Cali - Captured a head swing in motion.

It was suppose to rain. SUPPOSE to, very humid and still. That brings out flies. They were driving the donkeys nuts. Poor things. Cali was telling one to get off her head -

Went to talk to the young boys. I think Jorge was telling me this is his good side for photos -

Such a funny boy. And I swear Felipe was laughing at him... doesn't it look like he is grinning? They have such fabulous personalities. Love these boys. :0)

I took about 60 photo trying to get decent Chicken and Guineas ... they move so fast!

This is a chicken run...

This is their favorite spot in the coop. They have scratched the dirt in the corner till it is all soft. She smoosh themselves down into dirt and then pile up.

The chicken on the left was stepping up to climb up on top -

Then I went to get a photo of the Guineas. They are really changing right now. "Maturing" as Hubby says -

They are gorgeous as long as you don't look at their heads... WOW their head is turning a light purple, feathers are changing... and they are growing thingies on the sides of their faces. Hubby says once they are all grown up they will be really good looking... I worry - man they are not pretty right now.

Oops .. I think she heard me..

 She buried that head as fast as I said that! Or was she looking for something? LOL Their feathers really are gorgeous. BOLD and Bright!

Speaking of Bold and Bright... how about ending today's Animal Crackers post with our boy Tuco? He is just too handsome :0)

Now all full grown (we hope as he is now the biggest of all four dogs) Now all full grown he has become so handsome. You just want to hug him.. or what was that old bugs bunny cartoon " I'm gonna   hug him, love him, pet him... hug him, love him, pet him"  Tuco don't mind at all. He loves to be cuddled and loved on.

Hope you  have a wonderful weekend - Hug something furry ok?
HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Tuco is a handsome little dude, huh? I love his colouring and those eyes... you just can't stop looking at those eyes!

Carol Dee said...

I am surprised Libby is more interested in the chicks than Gato is! Jorge does pose well, not at all camera shy :) I love those dotty guinea fowl feathers. Happy Saturday hugs...

Ellie Maggie said...

Gato looks in seventh heaven! That's a fabulous photo of Cali, it's worthy of entering a photo contest with all the movement in it. Jorge & Felipe look like the latest double act!! I love that photo! Both sets of chicks no longer resemble chicks, but they have stunning feathers and Tuco is as handsome as ever, bless him. Miss Libbie....hhmmmm well, at least she looks pretty while misbehaving!
I'm hugging and loving our dog this weekend as per your instructions Michelle ;)
Ellie Maggie x

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