Friday, April 12, 2013

Me and My Space - Antique High Fashions!

Howdy -
Finally getting back in the grove of life after the big show last week. Was a pretty good show just exhausting! LONG days - clock off at 4 am then home and in bed at night by 11 sometimes 12 that night. After a few good nights sleep we were somewhat functional again :0)

I am now back to eBay  - This week I have been doing 1/3 my antiques and 2/3 Estate items. This week I found two gorgeous Edwardian pieces of fashion - wow! These things are so gorgeous. Told Hubby I should bid on them myself and keep them they are so pretty. But I won't need to sell sell sell...

Please excuse the naked mannequin  -

This is a stunning silk embroidered cape - Dates 1900-1910ish

The back has unbelievable detail - and the fringe is in wonderful condition - 

This is an early Cut Lace, what I think is called Soutashe Lace - Same period as the one above. If I had even a slim chance that I could wear this I would buy it! LOL

For a dressy occasion it would be so out of this world! But it 100 years old so would have to be very careful with it.

One I don't do dressy occasions very often - Two I am not the most careful person... hello accidents find me. Including eating and dropping food.

You can see my eBay auctions with the link on the top right :0)
Have a great Friday - and see you tomorrow for Animal Crackers -
HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

I saw both of these on your ebay page. I love them both but as you, I would be hard pressed to find a time nad place to wear them or might damage them. (I am a super big clutz!) Not to mention they most likely would not fit me. If I was smaller (much smaller) I might have been tempted. Good luck with the sales. See you at Animal Crackers on the morning. TGIF.