Saturday, May 17, 2014

Animal Crackers - Afternoon with the Girls

Howdy -

Yesterday I needed some quality time with my girls. But you see we have had some good rain here this last week. And my girls... well they are enjoying the grass in the neighbors far pasture. So in order for me to spend some time with them, I had walk all the way out to them. I know I shouldn't be lazy... the weather was nice it wasn't too hot, and it was breezy so that was good. But you see many people here have been really fighting snakes. So walking the long walk to the far pasture had to be a very focused walk for sure! Hubby went with me... just in case. Thankfully we did not find anything slithering.... but we found lots of gals... and one little boy really chowing down on the grass!!

Just had to show first off how big our guy Patricio "Pat Man" is! Handsome and unbelievably sweet! Love this guy! Look how much the Texas Sun has already faded his black fur to red!

This shot cracks me up!

It is a bit of the angle and that Juliet is in front of the other girls... but boy she looks like a giant with them doesn't she! LOL She is a big girl, even if she doesn't know it and clobbers me wanting attention. The girl is more like an ox bumping into you for loving. Never mean ... no just shoving for petting and ear rubs. Sweet girl... just big.

Then I was attacked by Miss Gabby... Oh my this girl is so sweet, hard to get photographs of too! She really wanted close up attention, rubbing her very dirty nose all over my clean shirt. The only way I could snap a photograph of her was to hold her face still with one hand and snap with the other. The girl is too funny! And Spoiled rotten! This gal is super special to me. Love her!

Found her Momma Lacey enjoying the afternoon breeze under the tree...

  I do hope we have another baby coming from her... we aren't discussing that subject out loud... a watched pot never boils and so we aren't even whispering about babies it in front of the "fat girls"... Man I am going to hate it if Hubby is right and there is only one more pregnant girl instead of three.... time will tell.... sigh.

Turned around and Pat Man had made it under the tree for a little loving from his Mommy Patti.

As we were walking back to the house I found Vera and Gracie lounging in the shade of a tree as well...

What a life! We are on the count down for babies from these two now... more kids coming around October!! At least Frank has been working on it... ahem....

I do need to report some sad news that had me really upset for a few days... couldn't post anything... Earlier in the week we found one of the Wyandotte Chickens dead. We have been thinking that maybe we have a chicken snake again... as the number of eggs we have been gathering has gone down.... Hubby saw a large snake earlier in the week not far from the coop. Then we found the poor girl under the hut. I was a mess. Part of the life in the country I know... but now Hubby is really mad and has been on the hunt for them! Warning if you slither on our farm...

The baby chicks are growing and will very soon have to be placed in a larger pen for them. They are all healthy and doing great... not real pretty right now. No longer fuzzy... new feathers are coming in! Lots of color!!

Hope you have a wonderful day planned. Hubby and I are going to work around the house and pens.


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

I am so sorry about the Wyandotte, I hope it will be the last one you lose. PLEASE be careful when you're out, those snakes sound scary.
Love the photos of Patricio & Gabby. He is so fluffy! :)
Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Looks like your Donkeys have the right idea. Lounging in the shade on a sunny day. Wish I could join them. I is cool here again. We even had a frost warning last night. And now I have a head/chest cold. Grrr. Plan to get out in the garden for some vitamin D today. Hope it helps. *cough*cough*

JoanieMc said...

Another great post as usual. I enjoy reading all about the animals. When you have always lived in the city you miss so much of nature. Thanks for sharing.