Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animal Crackers- Here's A Chick, There's A Chick...

Howdy -

OH I am just soooo excited!! Now I love my Chickens, Rhode Island Reds, and my bare rear ended Wyandottes. But I have really been wanted to get some Heritage Chicks... some color, and some rarer chickens. Some Puuurtty chickens!

Well I finally talked Hubby into getting some, and after researching online and then calling a bunch of different chicken breeders in our area I found a lady that is just wonderful. She has some of the prettiest chickens, ducks and guineas... I focused on chickens, Hubby was going nuts for some of her rare Guineas... they were a bit pricey though so we didn't end up with any of those.

I did come home with 7 beautiful little chicks with my name on a few that are still in her incubator.

Look how adorable!!!

We picked out a mix of different breeds - I had researched a few of them ahead of going, then fell in love with some new ones -

Now I love them all the same but shhhh... this little girl is really a favorite!

I named her Violet -  A Lavender Ameraucana. I wanted at least 2-4 of these girls. But this was the last little girl she had.  She had 4 or 5 boys... We are not quite ready to deal with roosters... again working on Hubby. I think we have decided to "try" a few different kinds of breeds, then decide which we would like try and hatch some of our own babies in the future. That might be a year or two though... would need another pen, and since Hubby is already working on pen two for these girls... I will wait a while before I nag for pen number three. LOL Yes.. we have to have a separate pen for these girls I don't want to have to get mad at my Wyandottes for plucking out these girls tail feathers!

Now this little gal is another I am so excited over -

This is "Inge" she is a Swedish Flower Hen. Another harder breed to find sometimes. This gal was also all alone.. well in a pen with lots of chickens, but all alone in her breed. She had just sold all of her Swedish Flower Hens a couple of days before. Adults and all!! And this one girl slipped through the gathering. So I had to have her! These are suppose to have tons of color - looking forward to watching her grow up.

 These two girls are two that she insisted I buy - she said I would love them.... pretty girls she said and really great egg layers.

They are Bielefelder Chicks. The Mom and Dad were sure pretty - Don't have names for them yet... need to see what their personalities are like.

Then we purchased two Dorking chicks -

 A breed she suggested to us - She said they were one of her favorite and really a great chicken. I just loved that they have so many toes... LOL 5 compared to the others having 3.

And then we got one Australorp chick.... really gorgeous but didn't get a photo, she was shy...

I have my name on another 6 or so in her cooker and as soon as they hatch she will call me to claim.

Hubby and I could really go nuts with all these birds! LOL Not like we have with donkeys.. goats... dogs... cats. But I just love all the color and personality with the different breeds. And I am really excited when the eggs start coming! We have some blue layers in these girls!

You will probably get to know all of these girls in the future - :0) New family members here! Still waiting on donkey babies - no signs ... sigh. That is how they like it I guess... a watched pot never boils so I am going to look at my chicks and then maybe they will decide to surprise me and go into labor. Maybe!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - Weather has been wonderful her the past couple of days hope it holds through the weekend then  we can get some rain next week. Just saying it would be nice ...

Hugs and -


Ellie Maggie said...

Oh these little chicks are cute cute cute! Impossible to pick a favourite as they're all irresistible, can't wait to watch them growing up. Poor hubby didn't get the ones he liked, now has the job of building a pen and you're working on him for other's time he got Husband of the Year award Lol. Happy weekend x

Carol Dee said...

My goodness you will have a colorful of pen of chickens! And some Easter eggers in there. When they all start to lay you will not know what to do with all the eggs!

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Your new chicks are so cute! Have fun with them :)

Jay Jay

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

They are so cute! I think the Dorkings are my favourite. It will be great to see them all as they grow.

JoanieMc said...

Such cute little chickies! I can't wait until they grow some and the feathers really start to show some colors. Please keep us posted on all the girls in waiting, chicks and whatever else is going on as it seems you never have a dull day. : ) just love reading about life on the farm. Thanks for sharing. Hugs