Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Just Cuz He Loves Me...

Howdy -

Now is this a pretty strawberry or what?

I have to tell you a funny story about this pretty red strawberry. You see my Hubby brought it in to me the other evening and said "Here I brought you this strawberry just for you - Just Cuz I Love You" ... how sweet is that. He then said not because you complained about me eating them all, just cuz I love you. I said well it is a big strawberry I will share it with you. He said no thank you I ate 4 or 5 outside, then he grinned. Gotta love him! LOL

Thought I might show you a little bit of the squash and zucchini from yesterday. This is the third cutting from the week...

The tomatoes have gone crazy this week!!

 Hubby had been saying there were a ton of tiny tomatoes on them but I haven't seen them... lots of flowers. But no fruit... until I looked really close...

 There are LOTS of them in there, you just have to look close!!

The Watermelon really is loving the heat and it really tripled in size this last week!

I think it will be a long while before we see any melons...

Now despite that Hubby has TONS still to work with in the Garden.. we went by the Nursery this last week "Just to pick up some soil" and Hubby found this tree. Well he walked away, and I could tell he really wanted it. I asked what it was... A Variegated Pink Lemon. Yellow skin but inside is a pink tint.

Ok, that sounded really cool.. and it smells amazing! No fruit on it but it smells wonderful! So I get excited about it and said maybe we can find room for one more citrus tree. :0)   Now hopefully we can get it in a nice spot in the greenhouse and get some fruit going on it!!

Well I hope you have a wonderful day - A Wonderful Mother's Day to all of the MOMS here in the US.

HUGS and-


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

I did say you would have to follow your hubby around once the strawberries are ripe.... :)
I can't believe how much everything has grown in a week, the tomatoes & squash etc look great. I'm glad you bought the lemon tree, it's beautiful.

Carol Dee said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, after all you are Mommy to lots furry and feathered kiddos. :)
That strawberry looks really good. Nothing like a fresh from the garden berry.
how many quash plants did he plant? I predict you will be over run with squash VERY soon. Will the chickens get some of the surplus?
That lemon tree is really pretty, even if it never bears fruit it sure will add beauty to your place.