Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Pretty...

Howdy -

First off today I wanted to show you my pretty hanging basket we got this week. I have this adorable Donkey plant hanger off our back porch - got it years ago from the Donkey Sanctuary, I love buying gifts and fun things from their gift shop. Getting things I "need" while supporting a fabulous organization. Anyway... I have had this hanger for a few years, and for a very long time it has been empty. But while at the nursery the other day I found this gorgeous bouganvilla - it is called "Surprise" - it is my favorite of all the colors. they start out white and as they age they get pink.

Now.. the garden, well we have had 3 1/2 inches of rain since last Sunday. So things are really getting happy in the garden! The tomatoes are starting to really come on, the peppers are looking like tiny little peppers, squash and zucchini are FABULOUS! yummy yummy we have been really been eating and enjoying them. I am thinking of trying some Zucchini Bread if I can find a good recipe. (If you have one email it to me please! )

But take a look at the green beans!

Ok, so only about 1/3 of them survived... but the ones that did are doing great! I am thinking we might just have our first meal with some this next week... mmm can hardly wait!

Now we won't have any corn real soon for sure, but man since the rain the corn is just shooting up! As are the weeds... That is on the list for this week to get all the weeds out!!

Hubby also planted some okra this last week. He showed me and I think I saw little green things coming out of the ground. Honestly... the okra is his excitement. I don't like okra made in any way. People have tried and tried for me to like their way, I taste, but nope not my cup of tea in any way.

The grapes are getting ready to go into the ground this week too! The holes for their poles and wires have been dug, and now ready to build. The plants are looking great in the greenhouse, but need more room to stretch out!

After the storms this last week Hubby had to replant a couple of the peach trees. Not sure what happened, the wind, a pest or what, but they were leaning out of the ground. And to make things worse.... the peaches were gone! Darn it! Well we weren't expecting fruit the first year, but to have seen it and then it was gone that stinks! But at least the trees seem to be ok.

Now don't forget if you have a zucchini bread recipe that is good let me know...  Heck with the amount of squash we may need some other good recipes for that too! LOL

Hope you have a wonderful blessed Sunday!
HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

I will get out my recipe book and look up some. I make a Chocolate zucchini bread that is more like a dense cake. Yum-o. And did I mention it is chocolate ?!?!

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

That bougainvillea looks so beautiful. Great to see the surviving beans doing so well. Hope you're having a lovely day.

BethW said...

I love okra-I could eat every day. Of course my parents being from Barbados probably has a lot to do with it.They make gorgeous plants-at least you'll enjoy the flowers.