Saturday, May 24, 2014

Animal Crackers- oh so sweet!

Howdy -

Had to start off this week with my baby boy... Autie... oh my he is such a sweetheart. This week we had a long morning with all three of the doggies. Started off with Autie, then Chica and then Libbie (In order of worst to easiest )... we clipped them, sheared them, and then tried to brush them but by then I was worn out.

Autie was a total mess. His fur is so thick and long that it just gets so matted. The girls don't have that hair, thank goodness! The boy loves to be cuddled inside, but when outside he thinks he is a tough farm dog! LOL like he could herd or control anything. He barks this deep mean bark (to him anyway) but to all the goats they just look at each other and giggle wondering what that little noise is he is making. But he is my baby boy... And despite all three loosing their traditional Aussie hiney skirts... they are just absolutely adorable with their round puppy cuts! You would never guess we cut over 1/2 of Auties hair would you?

The older chicks got a new home - we needed to keep the older chicks in a different cage than the three new younger chicks I got a little over a week ago. So a friend of a friend was moving and needed to sell a few items. We purchased a used rabbit hutch from them. Other than not having a floor in it, it works perfect for the chicks. And they are LOVING their new two story condo!! The ramp is all the rage and the main source of entertainment.

They are getting big.. not big enough to go outside into their new coop. But growing for sure. It is cute they have started to roost on the edges of things too!

Man I really need to get the video on  my phone going to show photos like the next one in motion...

I caught Vicki doing a bit of scratching yesterday morning. Use to really freak me out as it sounds like the entire pen is coming down with all the metal sounds rubbing. But they stay together and evidently they are fabulous for just that right itch!

The girls are loving the new water tank "Dad" put it for them. I think I have told you Hubby is a freak about clean water and fresh water for all the animals. He finally has a good system worked out for the tanks. Snapped Lydia looking over after slurping....

Lydia is what I would say is our first real "Sorrel" donkey. We have donkeys that are brownish red in color but Lydia she is that true pink red color. Lacey is her Momma and according to her records she has lots of Sorrels in her background. Really pretty color in person, hard to capture on a cloudy day with a camera.

Couldn't resist... I know I showed off Gabby last week, but this week she did pose all on her own for a sweet photo...

She was waiting in a wad of girls for her turn at the tank. You know how heavy those heads can be - so she was using Sonia for a rest - Love this girl. Gabby is also Lacey's kid. She is so much like her. But she really really reminds me of Rosie. Lacey's first baby that was so sick for years and then we lost. Nearly killed us. But Gabby ... she has a lot of Rosie in her and has that same personality. Hubby says Gabby is Rosie come back to us healthy. I agree.

Hope these made you smile - I will be back tomorrow for Garden Sunday! Things are exploding in the garden!!!
HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Drinking my coffee, chewing my gum and reading this fabulous post! I think my fave pic is of Gabby... that head amid the donkey bodies is so great!

Carol Dee said...

Just popped in for a visit before heading back to the garden myself. So many weeds!