Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Peach Trees and Old Stuff

Howdy -

One evening this last week I went out with Hubby and "helped" him water. I followed around and asked dumb questions and we chatted about the garden. It had been a little while since I had walked out to the "orchard" and I was shocked when I saw the trees. They are looking so good! Full of leaves and tons of new growth on them. All despite the high winds, cold nights and yes... that pesky hail storm. He had told me we had some pretty peaches on the trees, but that some had holes and damage due to the hail. But still ... LOOK how pretty the peaches are!

About half of them are damaged pretty good.. but I would say that next year we should have some great fruit! 

I am so proud of Hubby and his orchard and garden.  He is out there every evening checking and watering. 

We even got our first "produce"... three green beans and one squash! LOL

I thought I might share some photos that I took of the Antique show yesterday morning - I snapped just a few quick photos just as the show opened.

This is a new display we got ... trying out Hubby's antique duck decoys on it -

And of course lots of dolls....

Hope you have something fun planned for today - Maybe an Antique Show? Or out to enjoy the outdoors? Was gorgeous weather yesterday... hope today is the same.

Have a wonderful blessed day -
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Carol Dee said...

The garden looks great. I can not believe you have fruit on the trees already. It seems anytime we plant fruit trees it is years before they bear fruit. Nice collection of duck decoys. We have one very old weathered one. And those DH carved. We had a nice day yesterday but are to get rain again today. :( Hope your day is relaxing. hugs....

Ellie Maggie said...

Wonderful antiques photos,love the tall doll on the right hand side. Peaches look delicious too. Got the heating on here today! x

Tree Pruning Queens said...

Cool post!