Tuesday, June 23, 2015

5 Years Ago Today -

Howdy -

Time flies by doesn't it? It was 5 years ago today that things changed for me. A split second accident that seems so unbelievable when I think back -

5 years ago while home alone, I was out with the animals and was hit in the eye with a bungee cord. I know most all of you have been with me through it all and remember. I look back and count all the blessings that I have. And how blessed I was that day. Leaning over a fence while watering the goats, I reached to get a stick out of their water bucket. The pressure down on the fence let loose a bungee cord holding the bucket down. The back side of the hook hit straight on to my right eye. Something so simple and things all changed. Thank God a neighbor who was a resident doctor just happened to come home moments after it all happened. She was far from me on her property but just close enough to barely hear me calling out.

Long story short... I lost my eye. Many surgeries later I now where a prosthetic eye. A odd but now "normal" part of me. Took me a while to figure out my new depth perception and learn that my klutzy life before the accident had additional complications. Steps - curbs - heck, even holes and bumps in the ground now gave me more to concentrate on and try even harder to not fall on my face. Something that yes I did before and now do more often as those around me can attest too. Bumping into store displays and reaching to pick up and grab things only to drop or knock them over... that too is more me than ever before. Today life is back to "normal" and all though Hubby is much more protective over me, things are simply every day life and don't stop me from doing pretty much all that I want to do.

The biggest change - I feel blessed. Each Day I thank God for the blessings he has given me and the blessing of that day. 1/4 inch more and I may not have survived. 10 minutes later and my neighbor would have been inside and never heard me calling out. And Blessed by the family and friends that supported me through the entire situation. Not once was I allowed to get depressed and the mail support from many many many of you readers was the positive personal touches that really brought my daily struggles in recovery easier and gave me smiles and hugs through cards, emails and calls.

I don't relive this day every year, in fact I am not sure why the "Anniversary" of the date stood out to me this year. But it did and I thought after 5 years I needed to thank everyone once more. I pulled out the images that where created by the companies that I loved before and adore now. These images mean so much to me and I love working with them.  I will try and use a few more of them as soon as I can -

Today I am using one from Whimsy Stamps - "Sweet Little Donkey" was given out through A Spoon Full of Sugar from Whimsy and artist Meljen's Designs. I miss the challenge A Spoon Full of Sugar, was a great group of DT and lots of people joined in each week. You can purchase the image now straight from Whimsy Stamps - HERE

I used papers from Farm House Country Kitchen collection. Sewing down the layers, I then cut out the donkey with a Nestie Circle, and matted with another Nestie. The Heart Border is from Whimsy - love it -  The sentiment is Whimsy - Ticket Notes, and it cut out with the coordinating Ticket Die.

Inside more of the same papers -

And the image was colored with Copics - colors here -

Thank you again for being a reader - and your support. It means the world to me -

Off now to get back to normal activities and life -
Hugs and-


~* Jay Jay *~ said...

I remember the day like it was yesterday when Heidi called me and told me the horrible news. I'm so happy that you are so strong and everything worked out positive for you.

Big hugs,
Jay Jay

diane zechman said...

Can't believe it's been 5 years since I got that call. I'm glad you are doing great! Miss working with you and so glad I had that week or so to get to know you in CA! My donkey still sits on my kitchen window sill. :) Just thought of you the other day and was going to take a pic of it to show you. Now...what are "heck holes"? LOL.

BethW said...

I too remember. You pass your blessings on to all of us-so very thankful you make such a wonderful recovery. Peace and love to you and yours.