Saturday, June 27, 2015

Animal Crackers - Why do the babies have to grow up so fast?

Howdy -

So we finally got a couple of rain free days for Hubby to start getting caught up on the mowing. Love the green growing, but man it is growing! Hubby got going good on the mowing and then the belt broke. Sigh.. Life right? Doggies yard got mostly done, so they are happy. The rest will wait til next week when the part comes in. More rain due for a few days anyway.

I spent the afternoon in with the goats yesterday. Need to work on my babies and keep them friendly, and they just grow up so fast and get so big I can't pick them and love on them for too long.  All the rain it gets hard to get out there and love on them. But they still know their names... One call of Thelma and she popped her head up and said "Hi!"

Isn't she adorable. I know they all are. I tried to get a photo of Thelma's sister Louise, but that girl was totally focused on finishing up the last of their breakfast hay with her Mom and could care less that I was really wanting her to pose really pretty for me. 

Now Jackie... she was posing pretty in the shade for me. 

One of my fall bottle babies, this girl needs no bonding. In fact I am lucky to have snapped the photos of her before she realized I was looking at her and she screamed an popped up for a snuggle and some scratches just behind those new little horns. I adore Jackie... I love them all but there are a few that you just really bond with and have a little special relationship with... shhh I try to not let that out to them though.

Annie and Frankie - The perfect couple.

Not the best photograph through the fencing, but you can get the idea. I have no idea why Frankie and Annie have such a special "love". They really do though, they just get along and love on each other. There is no head butting, no fighting between them like all others. They love to lay next to each other when resting and the nuzzle and hug on each other all the time. I never see any of the others do this nuzzling, especially the guys with a girlfriend. They are a great pair to be pen mates and live together. 

Now Abigail... Annie and Frankie's baby from last fall...  She is not so happy that I took her Mom out of the main pen. It was more than time for her to be weaned, but she is still not happy.

Always a bit skittish, and not the first to come up to me, but now with out Mom she is even a bit more cautious. Or was it just hiding from Spartacus? Most of the younger girls try and keep out of his path.

Last weeks photo didn't show you just how handsome he really he is. 

Now in this photo he was "flirting" with Lizzy and Jackie. Check out that raised hair down his back. And that lip was chattering. That means I am the hottest little stud in your life and you want me. Ok.. so the girls are still laughing at him. But one day that will mean something!

Chica was just simply boarded with my time outside and was ready to head back in. Found her on the back porch yawning waiting for me.

 The heat and humidity here is getting really tough.... ok, tough for us that like the air conditioning inside. The three doggies love to go outside to confirm the world is all good, but in the middle of the afternoon it is short trips around the yard and then right back in.

Got some really fun news I think I will be able to share this next week! I am so excited and think I am going to color today to celebrate! :0)  How is that for a teaser? LOL

Have a super blessed weekend -
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Carol Dee said...

You have some really pretty goats and Spartacus is VERY Handsome. It would seem he already knows that! LOL
You are a tease! I am guessing what your news is.... Will have to wait and see.