Saturday, June 13, 2015

Animal Crackers - It's all about the shade

Howdy -

Well this week the sun has been shining in Texas! And summer has hit. Week before still felt like spring, and was nice then this week... High 90's for the temperatures and that means we all stay in the shade as much as possible. I tend to melt in the heat and some of my kids in their fur coats prefer the shade as well on the warmer days. We have moved around many of the goats. Some for breeding, some for the safety of others and some so I can more easily love on them!

Thelma and Louise were in our smaller pen and were just nearly impossible to get in too with out letting out or letting in a bunch of nosy ladies. But now Rhett and her two little girls are out in the main pen... so easy to spend some bonding TLC time with now!

Louise was quite vocal the morning we let them out. Not sure what to do with herself and the fact that Mom kept running everywhere and leaving her behind. But Rhett always came back to her tiny high pitch babies.

This girl just melts my heart...

 Now her sister Thelma was on a mission... she had to run and see all that she could in the first hour of their time in the big pen. She would not stay still for a second... she is so much like her Mom Rhett.

 Belle wasn't sure what all the noise and activity was about... but unless it was something really great to eat... she wasn't giving up her shady hut to no one!

 And Mary was the same ... LOL

 There are lots of places to "get" but there are some places that are "prime" real estate. And if you take ownership of one of those houses for the day you only give it up for food. Mary was really hanging out the front to see things though.

Lady donkeys were all hanging close to the barn and the water trough. Oh and the large shade tree next to the barn... Juliet was taking a little afternoon nap -

Must have been nice under there, never even came for some head scratches from us. At one point her head jolted and she rocked around a bit... she looked around to see if anyone noticed and then drifted off to sleep again. So cute -

Now Felicia came for some lovings -

Beautiful girl - with those big dark eyes like her Mom Macey.... Speaking of, she came over too...

Macie is one of our older girls. And I have always said she has the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes I would kill for! LONG Thick eyelashes. Love this lady -

Heck you know me and Hubby... we adore them all! LOL

Big check on our list of things to do with moving around most of the goats. Still working on the "men" goats. Hubby and I are both really struggling with taking them to auction, and working to find them a pen to grow old in. We are such suckers. We say we will be tough and then weasel out of it when we are looking at them. But I am positive I want to give Hank a few girls to breed for the fall and that means the other four boys need to be moved... will keep working on it this week. For now we have Chloe, Gracie and Sweet Pea in with Peso for Fall babies, and yes Frank has his girlfriend Annie in with him. He is so happy.

Hope you have a blessed wonderful weekend - Hug a furry friend!


Ellie Maggie said...

Everything you've said is lovely, but the very best bit is that Frank is so happy to have Annie with him!! It's so sweet. Super pics and stories this week, as always xx

Carol Dee said...

Catching up on missed post while on vacation. Love all the photos this week.