Saturday, June 6, 2015

Animal Crackers - Donkey Hugs

Howdy -

What a beautiful week it has been. Sunny weather and nice temps! Animals have really been loving a few days without the rain -

Hubby took a great photo out in front of the house the other day. We are calling it Three Stooges Donkey Hugs. 

The photo was suppose to to show off just Cocoa and Ted E. Bear doing the "Donkey Hug" or You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours... but before Hubby could get his phone out and snap Valentine decided that he had to walk in front for that perfect piece of grass. Now you can see with all the rain there is lots of green.

 I grabbed my camera and go this one of Valentine a little further out the front yard.... wow... so that is the sun!! Very bright afternoon!

Told you LOTS of green! Amazing for first of June in Texas. 

Now Moxie was enjoying the grass as well... but more of a little rest in the shade - 

This girl is just amazing - she has been doing so well on her own. She doesn't wander off from sight of the house hardly ever. And if we go out and she isn't in the front or in the donkey pen I just call her name and within seconds that smiling face and wagging tail is running right at you - better be prepared to kneel and give lots of belly rubs! It is required when you call her to you.

Now last week I told you we were going to retire Frank -

 Here he laying up on his deck over looking the girls pen. Hubby calls it his "Man Deck for sight seeing"  He hasn't been told anything. He still believes he is the number one Buck on the farm. We will leave it that way in his mind - I do think we will go ahead an put Annie in with him soon - He LOVES Annie so much and if she gets bred we are just fine with that, if she doesn't he has his favorite girlfriend to share his bachelor pad. Love this side shot of him... really shows off the personality of his lone horn. Other one was knocked off and just doesn't really grow back. Handsome man huh?

Speaking of handsome -

Wyatt was watching me really close. This guy will need to move on to be a Buck for someone else... he really is funny. Not the biggest of last years kids by any means. But if we are judging strickly by attitude and confidence... hands down he has it. LOL He just knows he is hot stuff and struts like he owns the world. LOL Cute smile huh?

Also in the goat pen... a photo from a couple of weeks ago I forgot to show, found one of the Guineas and her stash of eggs in one of the back igloo huts. Wondered where she had moved to laying recently.

I am really pushing Hubby to find us a male guinea.... she deserves to have babies with all the work this one does with her eggs. She takes pride in her little pile and watches over them so well. Wouldn't little guineas be cute!!

Speaking of little... I know I have three baby goats and no photos again this week. Sorry just couldn't get anything from the little tornadoes! They are on fast speed full time unless they are passed out asleep. They are a riot to watch. I am hoping that within the next week or two we can move Rhett and her girls out into the main pen. So they can play with Spartacus. They still worry me that they are so little and will get out of the fencing. They just don't seem to be growing really fast... unlike Spartacus who is just a giant and seems to think he can take on anyone and everyone that he wants. He has been flipped more than once... LOL the other girls are really pretty patient with him and his pestering. But when they are tired of him a push.. or head butt flip usually gets him to move on to the next girl in his path. Ha!

Well I hope you have nice weather where you are - and a very blessed weekend.
HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

I love visiting on Saturday mornings. My weekend smile. Frank does have a very unusual horn!

Helen said...

Great pictures again; love to watch them all the time.
Big hugs to all the furry friends.
Regards, Helen