Saturday, November 26, 2016

Animal Crackers - Feeding Frenzy

Howdy -

First before I get on with today's Animal Crackers post... I am thrilled to report that Jolene has been given a clean bill of health! Building her weight back up but she is doing wonderful, and is back with all her girlfriends and doing really wonderful.

Now Feeding Frenzy could be describing my Thanksgiving day meal... it is more than likely an accurate description, but this is a description for our goat feeding yesterday evening. LOL

Hubby took life into his own hands and went in to feed the goats... It is always a riot to watch. You would think these goats are starving... but those bellies give that away as untrue.

They were very happy they do love their special dinners.

Look at that smile from Sweet Pea... ok the smile was before she knew she was getting feed.

Love when they do that grin.

Then there is just a simple grin... Belle has a great smile don't you think?

 She really looks like she needs braces... LOL Still cute.

And another great smile. Jorge has a great smile. Those teeth are just perfect! Years of me wearing braces and mine aren't that straight! ha!

Hubby found a large ball... thought the boys might like to "play ball". It was pretty funny they were chasing it around the ball.. biting at it, kicking it and running after it. Then about 10 minutes later they were all bored.

Love this shot of Sandy... she was chilin' on the roof of one of the huts.

Not sure what the hay sticking out of the side of her face... maybe she was saving it for later?
She is a pretty thing even if she is wearing a little snack.

How about a little peek a boo?

Valentine was hiding from me and the camera. Handsome even through the branches. Now when he thought I was carrying a carrot he came out from hiding - my boy. :0)

Hope my fur babies gave you a smile this week.
HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving. Love the goats feeding frenzy! Cute smiles from everyone. Hugs to all.

PaperSunshine said...

Your fur babies always give me a smile. Yay for Jolene! What a relief for you. Those goat grins are golden :) I didn't realize you had so many until that pic with your hubby! Seeing them individually doesn't add up quite the same. Awesome pics as usual!
Lori K