Saturday, November 5, 2016

Animal Crackers - Well Loved Faces

Howdy -

Got out yesterday morning before the rain started and got a few photos of some of the "children". Black Jack was very eager to say hello to you all!!

My old man is getting a bit of grey hair on his nose.... he has earned those grey hairs though. I don't think we could even count all the children, and grandchildren and so on.... He was actually a pretty hot stud in his younger days before we made him part of our family. Now he is one of our studs and we adore him.

Speaking of adore. Scarlett or "Red" as we call her!!

This goat has more personality than just about anyone I know... and humor too! Just look at that face and you can see it! LOL

Chachi was talking too....

He is a loud talker. And handsome. Don't you agree? Really a looker!!!

Ted E. Bear ... such a formal name for such a goofball! He had found a spot under a tree and was enjoying a bit cooler weather before the rain. A little mid morning nap maybe....

Now Cocoa she was hiding....

Shhhhh... don't let her know we can see her! She thinks she is in deep hiding here... LOL

And then we have Mr. Leon.

 He was screaming so loud I just had to snap a photo of him. This guy really cracks me up... he struts around and is truly KING of all his ladies. Such a handsome man too...

Well a few funny faces and good looking faces and well... loved faces.
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
HUGS and


BethW said...

Beautiful way to start my day-they all look so happy!

PaperSunshine said...

Yay! A pic of Ted E Bear! He is still my favorite, even if I cant see his beautiful eyes he is a looker even laying down. Leon is gorgeous! Or handsome as the case may be 😃 Love seeing all your sweeties.

Carol Dee said...

Love love love all the faces this week. Mr. Leon is HANDSOME ;)

Lena's Creations said...

You must be a wonderful mommy to all those cuties because they all look as happy as can be :-) Thank you for sharing them. I always look forward to your weekend post :-)
Enjoy your weekend