Saturday, November 19, 2016

Animal Crackers - Yo Yo Cat

Howdy -

Gato lives to find the cushiest and newest warm places to take one of her long cat naps. Usually it is the warm laundry, a jacket just removed, or the rug in front of the refrigerator. But this week... She decided that my new Yo -You quilt I purchased from an estate sale last week was all meant for her.

She is not going to be a happy camper when I move her to pack it up for our show this weekend. But I left her for as long as I could... She did looks really comfortable.

Speaking of comfortable.... I guess this would be what you call breakfast in bed....

Chloe seemed to really be comfortable right? Now I would say a hay bed is a nice soft bed, but I think this is mostly a tactical factor here... if you lay across the fresh hay... it leaves a large chunk of it protected for just you to eat!! LOL

Found Chachi wouldn't come to see me. We had that rain a couple of weeks ago, and with the warm week we just had we have lots of new growth.

Chachi was really enjoying all the green... Handsome man!

And Handsome is Doc as well....

 Such a pretty face... oops handsome. Those eyes just melt me.

The boys have been in a temporary pen for a week or so,  They are such good boys, and have been getting along so well in their pen together. They are going to love the new pasture when "Dad" has it finished.

Can't talk about and show off Miguel without showing off his BFF Rico.

These two guys have been buddies for years and always have been pen-mates. Now they are newly bonding with the other guys in the pen. I have been so thrilled that they are all getting along so well.

One last photo... my girl Moxie -

Love this girl so much! She just makes me so happy, that grin just warms my heart and makes me grin as well. That is what loving a furry friend is all about right?

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Where did yesterday go? Sorry to miss you Saturday! I love the photo of Grinning Moxie :) The donkeys are all looking good. Don't tell Doc he is CUTE, love his bangs, ;) The there is HANDSOME Chachi WOW he is a big guy. Without the horns I do not think he would look like a goat in that photo. Have a wonderful week and Blessed Thanksgiving.