Saturday, November 12, 2016

Animal Crackers - Girls Lovin' their new pen


This week we moved the girls into their new pen. A BIG pen. Really not a pen... more like the back half of our property. They are loving it. It is wonderful that all our donkeys are back on our property now. Was nice to have the extra grass for them on the neighbors property, but now they are all back home. Not that next door was so far away.

The girls were all anxious for "Dad" to open up that fence and explore their new land. But once it was open it was like the doors at a white sale. If you are in the way you just might get trampled! LOL

They went in all directions and were unsure where and what to eat first.

Really did confuse Juliet. The only standard donkey in the group, she thinks she is one in charge of everyone, it is really hard to go every direction at once to oversee all her girls!

The brush to wander in was new and pretty cool!

It is going to take Dad some time to get it all in the shape he is wanting in this part of our property, but he will. And the girls are really happy now and will love it even more later.

All but Miss Jolene. She has been under the weather. Vet says kidneys... not good. Prayers please....

I didn't want to snap any photos of her right now. She is really sad and not feeling well. I pulled up a few of favorite from the past....

Love this girl so much, and she has such a sweet personality... Praying she will beat this... with all of your prayers she has even a better chance.

Having so many kids can really cause worry sometimes. But we love them each so much - they are our family for sure! Donkeys - Goats - Chickens - Dogs and Cats!

HUGS and have a very blessed weekend-


Carol Dee said...

Oh Dear, yes prayers sent out for Jolene to get better. They do look happy in there new pen. Such Lucky donkeys, chickens, cats, dogs and goats that get to live with you! <3

BethW said...

Love and prayers for your beautiful Jolene.

PaperSunshine said...

Prayers for Jolene! The new "pen" is awesome 😃

Lena's Creations said...

Prayers for Jolene. Those girls do look happy in their new pen.
Have a great weekend. Keep us posted on Jolene's progress, please.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Sending prayers for Jolene as well.

Jay Jay

Soaring Eagle said...

So sorry to hear about Jolene. She as well as you and Hubby will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Marie Louise