Saturday, June 3, 2017

Animal Crackers - Clean Doggies

Howdy -

Well my three inside babies had baths this week. I love when they are so pretty, soft and clean. It doesn't last long...

Libbie is such looker anyway, but clean and her fur blowing in the breeze... such a pretty girl.

Now despite Libbie being nearly blind she still sees light, dark and shapes when it is bright. But either it was too bright or it just felt really nice in the sun yesterday afternoon.

Autie was laying there watching the chickens. Love that long mane on him. But it is getting really warm, heck HOT,  here so it is time for his puppy cut! Hoping Hubby has time to help me this weekend to do that.

Can't leave Miss Chica out today. She is so silky soft!

This girl fights a bath like no other! Hides, cries, then falls over in the tub and shakes. But once clean and dry... she is stunning.

Now last week I showed off the new guineas and I just felt I needed to show off how big my "Chicks" have gotten!

Can you believe how big they are?? And then look at how big our home grown little Banty chicks are!

 Itsy and Bitsy... I keep chanting "please be girls please be girls.. please"  We will love them no matter what, but we seriously do not need or have a place for another rooster. So far, neither of them are acting "boyish" towards the other chicks... so maybe we will be lucky!

Snapped a photo of Old Miss Paintbrush. Been keeping a watch on her little boo boo on her nose. Not sure how our old lady got her wound, but it hasn't seemed to effect her.

For our oldest girl she still is trotting, and getting in there for her share of the hay. And if a younger goat tries to push her out... she tells them differently. Maybe that is how she got her boo boo... Head butting does create ouches once in a while.  I hope she continues on for a long time! Love this girl!

Tried to snap some donkey photos this week, but everyone was snoozing in the shade yesterday afternoon. I was a nice afternoon for a nap.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. Not sure what is on our to do list. We always have a to do list you know.... now if we will mark anything off... not sure. Suppose to be nice weather so we should do a few things. Should but will we? Ha... depends on Hubby's mood I guess, poor guy has been working so much lately he deserves a down day now and then.

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

The dogs are all so pretty/handsome. I agree a bath does wonders. Dh's dog is not crazy about a bath either. A lot of wrestling and trying to get away, hence the closed bathroom door. I let him do it as I have no intentions of smelling like wet dog or cleaning up all the wet hair everywhere when they get done. (Did I mention Will weighs 65#!) And as soon as he is let outside he finds a dirt pile to rub in or better yet something STINKING DEAD !!! Argh

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