Saturday, June 17, 2017

Animal Crackers - Sometimes a little bribe works

Howdy -

Sunny afternoon and Red was out with his girls,,, now I will admit Our tiny little Rooster Red is a bit tough. So much so that I have gone to bribery to go into the pen!! Otherwise he chases me around!

So I take in stale crackers!

Whew... now I can go in and turn on the misters and check for eggs. Hate that I have to trick them, but however I have to do it to get in right? All this for that one little rooster.. LOL

I had one photo last week I didn't show and I just love how pretty Jolene is and had to show it this week.

She is slicking off for summer and is looking really beautiful. She was finishing up a little afternoon dirt roll. Odd how a dirt roll makes you feel so great in the afternoon.

Look Moxie was enjoying an afternoon nap in the dirt too.

Now she woke up when she saw me coming she raised up and that tail started wagging. I love this dog so much! Such a sweet heart!

Now I know I have shown views like this before but I can't help it.. I love it when I come through in the morning and see these two like this....

These two have always stayed on opposite ends of the house, hate each other,  but lately they have booth mellowed in their old age. Down deep they do love each other. Or at least tolerate each other... LOL

Once more photo... we have had a really sad year for flowers around here this year. They are saying it is lack of bees. Hubby is looking into what we can do about that. It even effected our garden big time. NO Squash! Can you believe it? But it was really wonderful to finally see our Crepe Myrtle blooming!!

 Hope you have some blooming beautiful flowers where you are! And have some furry feathered friends to pet on. Have a blessed weekend -

HUGS and


Mrs A. said...

Superb pictures . Sadly don't have any fur babies at home any more but we go have an abundance of birds that visit our garden . Hubby has feeders all round . Flowers have been very good here in the UK and garden is looking quite colourful. Hugs Mrs A.

BethW said...

You might want to try a shrimp plant-but be careful it will take over! Bees,hummingbirds, and butterflies love it. We now have a healthy population of honey bees and bumblebees!

okienurse said...

Love the photo of your rooster...he is a beaut! I know we have had issues with bees and pollination here too. I read an article from the master gardener group and it seems it is everywhere now. Somewhere in TX they broke open a dead hive and found over a hundred chemical and fungus things that could have killed off the hive. Sad. Stay cool! It was upper 90's here yesterday! Vickie

Carol Dee said...

The Crepe Myrtle is lovely. Wish they would thrive in IA. Have you considered a bee hive. We did when the bee population declined. hubby is enjoying the hobby ab=nd enlarging the set up so we have enough to sell. You could keep it to one hive. That would be enough bees for you.