Saturday, June 24, 2017

Animal Crackers - Early Morning Photographs

Howdy -

With the heat here in Texas this week the best time to get photographs of the fur children is early in the morning. Because by lunch time everyone is hiding in the shade as much as possible. Yesterday was the hottest of the week. I think 102.. heat index was much much hotter! So early morning is my and the animals best time to be outside. You know I melt in the heat...

Found Momma Cat enjoying the slight morning breeze and watching the goats scatter around for their place in the breakfast lines.

These outdoor kitties love their cat house. Hubby's rescue cats that he has built a little life of luxury area. Lots of greenery to hide in, a house with beds for nice night time sleeps and benches around the outside to get up and see enjoy a better view. I won't say spoiled...

Now I found Ted E. Bear doing what he does each and every morning. Cleaning up any extra hay or alfalfa from around the goat pens. You know that little bit that drops while feeding.. or that blows up against the fences. Ted makes sure that everything is cleaned up and no waste.

Now no worries, he has his own pile of breakfast just a few feet away from here... but this is special, better hay.. so we make sure to not waste a singe piece.

The boys Wyatt and Spartacus were done with breakfast and doing a bit of head butting and male rough housing. They stopped and looked right at me when I called out to them... too funny looks like they were being sweet with each other... not!

The baby Guineas or keets moved from their small chick trough to the little larger outdoor housing.

Now it wasn't easy to get then from the trough to the hut.. these guys are so skittish and nuts!! But they are now in it and I think they really like it. They are sharing with our young Bantam chickens, Itsy and Bitsy. Most of the day they stay under the coop, in a large wad of feathers. But every now and then I see them venturing out around the pen, snacking and enjoying the misters to cool off. But as soon as they see anyone moving towards the pen.. they are back under the coop. Silly Keets.

Now a couple more birds... The other nice thing about getting out early in the morning is seeing all the birds we have on our property. LOTS of cardinals... I found this young man sitting really still on one of the fences just enjoying the morning sun and staring at something a little ways off... Isn't he pretty? or handsome?

What is he staring at? Oh.. like most guys, his interest is in a lady friend...

 Not too far off I found his girlfriend looking back at him. I think maybe that is that look "you just stay over there on your side of the fence" ... as soon as he made his move towards her, she took off!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! We have a little chance of rain this weekend. Prayers that we get a bit and give everyone a little moisture. This time of year that seems to be what we are always wishing for doesn't it.

HUGS and -


okienurse said...

beautiful pictures and commentary Michelle! You do an outstanding job photographing the fur babies and critters around your place. I think though these cardinals are the best! Love them! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Carol Dee said...

Beautiful photos of the cardinals. We where getting really dry here before we got some much needed rain last week. Hope you get some relief too. That is a great photo of the boys taken between head buts!!! LOL (And I will say it... those lucky rescue cats are so spoiled!) ;) How Wonderful <3