Saturday, January 16, 2021

Animal Crackers - Ready for my Close Up

Howdy - 

I went out yesterday afternoon to enjoy the sun and my furry children. It has been cold here this past week, and it was still a little chilly while I was out but man the sun was glorious! The animals were enjoying it too. 

Trying really hard to get some nice group photos of some of the lady goats... but uh... RED!!!


Oh my sweet Scarlett... we actually call her Red. Fits her personality more. As you can see. She was being so pushy... one of her "me only moods" and you know what that means... yep she got most all the attention while I was in the goat pen. 

Then I heard LOTS of barking going on...  

I get over to the noise... MOM MOM MOM... Big Al is running!! I want to chase him!! LOL Uh nope you can't go in with the donkey Autie... But I love how excited and happy you are yelling out to him. He was having such a good time. Then again so was Big Al.


He stopped just long enough for a close up at the fence. I was petting him and then he was off again! He is such a sweetie! 

As I was making my way back across the yard I went past the ladies goat pen again.. Red was busy claiming the last of the breakfast, and I found my youngest girl Penelope. 

She is so sweet and we have this quiet bond. She will only let me love on her and have conversation with me if NO one else is around. That is human or other goats. But when it is just the two of us she is so calm and sweet.

I asked Teddy for a close up photo, but he was very very busy. You see we had just a little bit of rain last weekend. And now there is areas of brand new green grass growing.

If he doesn't get it right away there is a chance that Cocoa or Valentine might get it first. So until he has eaten all the newest grass there is no time for silly photographs! Its ok Ted I understand. 

I then was heading back towards the house. I forgot a jacket and was getting cold. The sun was so gorgeous it felt warmer than it really was! But I then found Libbie enjoying the sun on the porch.

The girl can't see anymore, but she totally LOVES laying outside in the sunshine and listen to all her family moving around and calling out. Those beautiful blue eyes... I so Love this gorgeous lady. She can enjoy whatever she wants... this old lady deserves to be happy 24/7! 

I hope you have some happiness where you are and do hope that we brought you a smile this week! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

I have tried to leave comments several times, not sure if there is something wrong? Trying again...

Thank you for a pic of Teddy! He is still my favorite. Libbie has to be the prettiest dog I have even seen! I love my dogs, don't get me wrong - its just her coloring is gorgeous. Anyway Happy New Year and blessings to all of your children and ya'll!

Lori King

Carol Dee said...

Oops here it is Monday already. Where did the weekend go? Teddy looks so loveable. Green grass looks great after a spell of dry. Have a good week.