Saturday, January 30, 2021

Animal Crackers - Sunny Smiles

Howdy - 

When did Miss Chloe become one of the old ladies? No matter, she is still gorgeous! ok, so her horns show some age, but she is still beautiful. And I always see a bit of a smile from her. 

Now it is first her striking ice blue eyes. But her stunning coloring has always been another positive quality. She is retired now, so no more babies sadly, but she has given us some pretty kids. Now we have children and grandchildren from her. We love you Miss Chloe. 

Then there was a loud banging coming from the twins pen. Oh boys. Chipmunk was slamming his head on the fencing to get attention.

From me? Or the girl goats? Not sure, probably the girls... But he still got my attention and some nose scratches from me. He is such a handsome dude. Funny too.  He and his brother Alvin Jr. really are so much fun to watch. I can't tell you how often I take the dogs outside, sit on the porch steps and just sit and watch these boys. I would love to get into their head and hear what they are thinking. I am not sure why but I hear a little bit of Beavis and Butthead going on there... HA ! 

I went to have a chat with my lady chickens. Hubby and I were talking the other day. We really are thinking it is chick time again. 

We've lost a few chickens this last year. Some of my girls are in their golden age and now are not laying eggs as much. So  I think soon we will be heading off to the feed store and purchase some new feathered family! Keeping a watch on their calendar to see when the chicks we want will be available. Get the chick coop ready Hubby! 

Heading back to the house my "puppy" Chica was really enjoying the sun and nice weather. 

She found a patch of new long green grass. Yep Hubby time to start mowing again. She was really enjoying the sun... see that squint it was very sunny and bright. LoL Another head shaking of my puppy getting gray and older. Not that Chica knows she has become an older lady. She still is a bit of a crazy nut puppy. 

Now since I couldn't get too many great animal photos this week... remember nice weather, everyone was way out in their pastures enjoying it! 

So how about a couple of stuffed toy animals. These really make me smile. 

 Now I would love to tell you that I collect little antique kitty toys... but sorry. These are Hubby's. :0) 

He has all kinds of little cat items. Since we married he has loved cats. Never had any growing up, but he has made up for time since we married. And any time we are out at antique shops, shows or flea markets. We always have a look out for cats, donkeys or goat items. These two tiny little stuffed cats are precious. I think the one with the bell is a Steiff ... but no button or tag in his ear. But they are adorable no matter what. 

I hope you have a smile from this weeks photos. These fur babies were smiling for you for sure! Hope you have a blessed weekend - hug a furry friend! 

HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

Happy Weekend to all. Love the Smiles each week!

okienurse said...

Beautiful but windy here too! I am hoping that it is February roaring in and it will be warmer from here on out. I love reading about your fur babies each week...thanks for sharing them!