Saturday, January 2, 2021

Animal Crackers - Smile It is 2021!!!

Howdy - 

Patti wanted to send you a great big Smile! ITS 2021!!! 

So exciting! As you can see Patti was very happy about it.... now maybe a toothbrush would have been a good Christmas gift? LOL Sweet Old Lady... she was hoping we had brought out carrots... sorry ole' gal, not this trip! 

Just a little attention and showing off our fur children to family visiting! 

As you can see they line up for attention and head petting. Time for everyone ladies! 

Little Josie followed me down the fence for some quite private loving. Oh my she is such a loving sweet girl. 

And beautiful!! 

I had Hubby snap these photos early yesterday morning. The men were all enjoying the New Years morning sun. Diego looks so wonderful ... he had gotten a bit "chunky" but he has trimmed down a little. Our first baby all those years ago.. now he is one of the older men. 

Then he got a great photo of Flavio and Patricio... always side by side. 

Ok 99% of the time they are side by side. Best Buddies - Funny angle shows like Pat Man is so much larger than Flavio... but in reality these two are about the same. They are both so handsome. And I adore those black noses! Velvet soft and beautiful! 

Later yesterday I found Moxie ... chillin' in a large pile of hay. Now the three large standard donkeys were heading up ... you see that soft "bedding" that Moxie is enjoying, well that is their meal... 

Yeah... she got up and moved real quick! Smart dog. Enjoy the comfort while you can and get out of the way when it is dangerous to stay. 

I do hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year, and now we all look forward to a much healthier and blessed 2021~ And lots more smiles from my fur children! 

HUGS and 


Soaring Eagle said...

Happy New Year to you. Sure hope it so much better than 2020. Stay safe and healthy.

Lena said...

Happy New Year to you, your family and all your fur babies.
May it be blessed with love, joy, good health and an end to this pandemic.
I may not always have time to comment, Michele, but I love, love your weekly emails.

Karen Page said...

Always love the weekly update on the furbabies, though I don't often comment they always bring a smile. Happy New Year to you, "Dad", and your family of furry and feathered children!!!

Ginger Shaw said...

Hope this year is a wonderful year for you and your beautiful fur babies.
They are all gorgeous.