Saturday, January 23, 2021

Animal Crackers - Yum Peppermints!


My fur kids are never spoiled... LOL yeah right! But the other day we picked up a few mints from our favorite restaurant. The donkeys love them you know. We don't give them out very often but when they see us coming and then hear that crinkle of the wrappers...  they will even leave the large bail of hay Dad brought in earlier in the week. 


All ears perk up and they quickly see what is going on and head to the fence for their peppermint. Patricio and Flavio are usually up first. Ok Flavio is always first. Pat Man is a little more timid and takes his time surveying the situation. 

 But Flavio... nope reaching out lips stretching he wants the first of whatever is going on. 

Love the look in his eyes... he is watching me snap the photo, but reaching out for that mint! 

Miguel makes his way up and just grabs up his mint. But he too is keeping a watch on me and the camera. 

It is so funny they all have their own personality. And mints bring out the most of them. Only one each guys.... they are just a treat. 

Miguel was watching "Dad" walk away... he really thought one more wouldn't hurt. 

He is such a handsome guy. Shame he never gave us any babies... years with the girls and no babies, but we still love him and he is a major part of the family. 

Now we didn't say anything about peppermints when back visiting the girls. 

Restaurant doesn't hand out that many mints you know. We will just have to pull out some carrots for the ladies - healthier treat. Maybe not quite as yummy, but most of them like them just as well. Boy these girls sure do know how to attack their hay bale. It disappears much faster than the guys does. More girls in there though, but still the guys don't make nearly the mess these girls do. Those bale rings do help keep things contained somewhat, otherwise they would waste a bunch more by spreading out everywhere.

All though Moxie says the old hay in the rings isn't wasted... it really makes a soft wonderful place to chill in the afternoon.

 She is too cute for words. She usually knows it too. Love this sweet doggie and her ears! 

Hope you got another smile this week. My fur children love bringing a smile to you all. 

Have a blessed day  - HUGS and