Saturday, March 7, 2009

Donkey Day - Dirt Bath Time

Didn't get my photos taken last night - I spent over 3.5 hours yesterday tearing my house up looking for my camera charger! My battery was flashing and only had 9% left. I have not been able to find it all week. We "cleaned" and moved somethings around a couple of weeks ago, and ever since then I have not been able to find it - And I was not going to go and spend $60.00 to buy a new one! Do you know how much craft stuff I could buy with that! And we all know as soon as I purchased a new one the old one would turn up. So I dug, dumped and basically made a mess of everything in my house. But totally worth it! Cuz just as I had given up, was nearly in tears, and hubby was going to stop and get a new one. I looked in one last place, Utility room shelves... it was under the cat carrier... How the heck did it get there?? We used the cat carrier last week to take Gato to the vet. And it somehow got put on that shelf and the carrier put away on top of it. Well all that matters is I finally found it and my battery was charged all night and this morning reads 100%!!

Well that means I had to get up early to snap some Donkey Day photos and sometimes it is good to go out at a different time. I was out early enough to catch a few taking their morning bath!

Ok - so it is a Dirt Bath.. but man it really must feel good - Toffee and Coffee were first in the little dirt pit they have created in their pen. Toffee really was going to town enjoying it.

Then Gloria decided to join them. But she didn't pick the smartest spot... the dirt was blowing right at her... so she didn't stay long -
Aren't they funny!
And how about this one - ok, so at this time they are eating large round bales of hay - but because I was out there this morning they thought there was a chance they were going to get something special for breakfast... Look at all those eyes begging for something good. It is so hard to tell them no - go eat their hay - I sure wouldn't want to eat that "stuff" all day everyday. But that is what is best for them, what they don't know is tonight is Alfalfa treat night - so they will be happy with us tonight!

And then how adorable is Freddie - he is going to be up for sale real soon. Man this one is going to hurt bad. He is so friendly and outgoing, I really don't want to sell him. But I know I can't keep him - but where ever he goes you can bet I will be checking it out big time. They are going to have to spoil him rotten and pay lots of attention to this special guy!

And shocker here... I didn't get a photo of Libbie!!! I'll try and get some this week for next week. We have been really working hard this week on potty training. She did soooo good for a few days - no accidents, well that I know of. Then yesterday when I was a crazy person tearing the house up - she didn't do so good. Today we will try again! She is getting better... we now know to go to the back door and make noise, I just need to figure out how to get her to tell me when I am not in that part of the house, cuz if I don't see her at the back door she gives up. Well it takes time right?

My sister is suppose to come over and "play" today! I hope to get caught up on some projects and just enjoy our crafting day! What do you have planned? Hope some fun this weekend!

HUGS and-


kay said...

they are so cute,think freddie is my favourite with those cute eyes.
we have a donkey sanctuary near us in sidmouth,devon,uk and love to go and see them and have a stroke.

NanaBeth said...

How could anyone not spoil that incredible face-what a charmer! Wish I lived closer, I'd had have to that boy!

Kelly Schelske said...

How cute are they??! Love it, thank sos mcuhf or sharing these picts, they're fabulous!!

jacque4u2c said...

These little guys just keep me smiling! Keep those pictures coming!

Heidi said...

Love the photos - and I love this animals they are sooooo cute

Hugs and love

Heidi said...

Oh Michelle, I am so sad, I was sooo hoping to see Freddie today (so I am thrilled about that!) but sad that he'll be sold. Do you think it too much to ask his new mom to send photos? I so wish I could buy him, I would so love all over that little guy (probably not so little anymore though!) Hubby loved the pic!

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! oo that dirt bath looks like good fun! and I bet alfalfa night is a load of fun too! enjoy your day. hugs, annie x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Thanks for the terrific pics Michelle & yes, Freddie is adorable!

AmyHowell said...

Hey Michelle, I wish I was there with you and Mel scrapping..... We'll have to get to together again. Call me. We need to get together soon. Great Donkey Photos!!!!

Lilian said...

Michelle, congratulations on being a guest DT for WOJ! Your cards are simply beautiful and you deserve to be there. Have a great Sunday!

Thank you for sharing your donkey photos too :)

ribenaruby said...

Beautiful pics Michelle, they look so happy in the dirt bath, and then their fave meal, what more could a donkey want. Sad about Freddie though, hope he goes to a good home! Well done on all your DT news, you deserve it as we can see this on all the wonderful creations!

Janna said...

So glad you found your battery! I hate when that happens! So so frustrating. I love the pictures though of the donkeys. They are just so adorable! Looks like they have a ton of personality!


Dawn said...

Awww I love your photos - they look so happy and Toffee is adorable rolling around..
It must be soo hard when you have to sell them with their little personalities.

Bless Libbie - one day it will all just click!